Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mommy is Wangi =D

It's second day of fasting month and Alhamdulillah I managed to fast, well..until now. Yesterday was a super tiring one as it's the first day and we had to go to the hospital twice, in the morning for Zahra's checkup and in the evening for my pregnancy. I'll update on Zahra later, need to confirm on a few other issues with the Paed this evening.

Anyway talking about Ramadhan, thank God my hubby is not a fussy eater. He eats roti with serunding/tuna/spread pun ok. I mean, kalau dia fussy eater pun ok jugak, dia nak makan dia cook lah..tapi of course rasa bersalah kan? hehehehe... so kalau roti ni kurang la sikit rasa bersalah kalau dia buat sendiri.

And yeah, even bread with spread, he does all the work! Bad wifey! Actually I planned to wake up early and ready everything but seriously tak sedar and it has been 2 days, he woke me up with everything ready in the room - bread, spreads, chocolate milk, Anmum milk for me, dates, apricot, cakes, and even my pregnancy supplements! Semua ready, tunggu I basuh muka makan je haha.


Anyway, thanks hubby! I'll remember this for life! :*

Buka puasa pulak as usual at PIL, oh oh oh thanks Mak! I'll be gratitude for life too =')

Actually want to talk about Zahra. This little cheeky cutie pie kan..soooooo cheeky these few days. She learnt new tricks by following what we said. Not the whole sentence but only follow the ending.

For example,

Zahra notti or not?
Nooooott! --> With the cutest tone ever! Haha

She thought it is a game and she has to follow it, hence the tone. So most of the time I selalu buat macam ni

Zahra Zahra...daddy wangi ke busuk?
Mommy busuk ke wangi?

Hahaha clever girl!!!!!

Below is a short video taken by my brother and his wife, around 3 weeks ago, where they are playing with her and she keep on calling me Mama!

Mama pun mama la. And do you know that she also calls Barney mama? Ok, this is weird, I don't know why but it's not something random. She seriously recognize Barney and calls it Mama! Whenever she sees Barney, she will say Mama! And I already test it to confirm, when she wants me to play the youtube:

Ok, Zahra nak Mickey Mouse?
Zahra nak boboi boy?
Zahra nak Barney?

And she will point to the purple dino and keep calling him Mama! *pengsan*. MrComot says maybe because she sees my tummy is like the Barney hahaha.


  1. see? Zahra dah dpt virus Eiman. Semua nak dipanggil MAMA...
    isk isk isk...

  2. Alamak! Mcm ne nie...BARNEY pgl mama. Maybe sbb MOMMY dekat2 BARNEY? Hehehe...cute!

  3. Suara siapa in the background tu? Tak kedengaran macam suara you or Mr. Comot pun~

  4. shomel okehhh!!rasa nak gigit je..ngn bulu mata tu...auntie doakan zahra elena sihat n kuat ye yayang...

  5. haha..nmpk sgt mama dia mcm barney..hehe..(jgn mrh ann..gurau ramadhan..) apepun slmt berpuasa..

  6. chumil! suka barney eh? lagu barney best2.. me pun suke..

    i pun makan kat rumah mak for buka :) cos maryam asik nak dakap je bila i balik.. haishh.. penat tul t*t*k