Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Zahra and Nephrotic Syndrome: Current Treatment

I'm very busy bee these few days, hence no update, b,ut somehow have to write something about this as we have another check up today.

As the last meet with Dr Indon, she decided to continue Zahra on high dose steroid 25mg like before, only this time will be on pills, as she thinks the liquid prednisolone we got before is not so effective. The liquid has to be refrigerate all the time and very sensitive to temperature, so it might lost some effectiveness during the handling, like when we transfer it to the babysitter's house (even with cold pack) or when babysitter brought it out of the fridge.

She also prescribed us the powdered antibiotic in any case Zahra got infection and has to be taken for 5 days once started, so far Alhamdulillah... No other infection.

We decided not to go to HKL (again!) because want to try this pills first. Kalau tak jadi baru pegi..takut both doctors and Zahra pening, too many opinions at one go.

One thing about pills, since Zahra is only 1y7m, she doesn't know how to swallow medicine yet, and of course whe won't. Zahra jenis susah betul nak bagi ubat. MrComot selalu mcm nak nanges when have to hold her to force her taking the medicine, she struggles so hard. That will be in another entry.

Ok back to the medicine, it's in pills form, so we have to crush it and feed her. It's 5mg per pill so we have to give her 3 pills in the morning and 2 pill in the evening. No Zantac this time to coat the stomach as Dr Indon siad, she'll be fine if taken after meal. So we give it to her after 3oz of milk and so far so good, no stomach cramp or whatsoever.

As the crushed pills, we tried to give it nicely in spoon laden with jam, but she somehow knows it and refused. I even shoved it down into her mouth but jam is very jellyish, so she spit out the whole thing. In the end, we had to give it the usual brutal way. I crush the pills with some brown sugar, put in the syringe and shot it into her mouth, while struggling with her of course. We had to say sorry so many times...kesian betul tgk dia refused mcm tu :(

It's been two weeks after the last checkup, and that means 2 weeks she is on the pills, which total up about 2months and a half she is on high dose prednisolone. She shouldn't be on high dose for 3 months, that will be in a couple of weeks, Dr Indon will review her today to see the progress and decided on the next step/action. We have an appointment with her today in a couple of hours, where Zahra going to do another blood test to determine it.

This is her latest urine dip test done at home, the urine is at trace now, Alhamdulillah. It shows that the medicine working. But I still afraid to put high hope, as like last time when we were so excited, the reading went up back. Such a scare. Hopefully everything is ok today.


  1. alhamdulilah..hoping she will getting need to takes any drugs strong zahra & parents!

  2. alhamdulillah...
    moga sihat ye zahra..i got tears in my eyes..huhuhu..

    mommy n babies,stay strong ok!

  3. Thank you Suzi and Ummi! InsyaAllah lepas ni sihat. Zahra so strong..