Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rockin' Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan everyone!

Coincidently it falls on 1st August 2011, it's a good booster because we can stock up Baskin Robbins on 31st July!

We went to BR in Giza as early as 10am and about 5 people there, don't have to push around or queing! The only drawback is it's quite a small outlet, so the flavour is not that extensive. Even the normal Old Fashioned Butter Pecan wasn't available.

This time we bought 4 quartz! So tamak! It's Pistachio Almond, World Class Chocolate, and Baseball Nut x 2. Yum yum, Baseball Nut is my current flavour.

Talking about fasting month, how's your preparation? I wanted to go to talk or seminar before this, to prepare myself. You know, as a catalyzer to do my best this Ramadhan, baru la semangat kan? But things has been very chaotic this few weeks and have to sail through this without much preparation.

Mentally I'm ready, only on the physical side, I'm very tired lately. Feel so heavy and with Zahra yg a bit on emotional side. Banyak tantrums and very angry, I think it's because of the medicine as I ask around patients yg pernah Nephrotic, yes they have the emotional side effect. Hopefully I manage to puasa penuh this year, ameen...

Wishing you guys a very meaningful Ramadhan. May we achieve a better Ramadhan this year. It's a good time to shape ourselves to be a better Muslims, and may it lasts throughout our life, not only for a month ;)



  1. selamat menyambut ramadhan :)

  2. Aan, mgkn selain ubat Zahra....mood die berubah sbb bakal dpt adik...sbb saya ada experience mcm nie. Anak kwn sy, bile maknye makin sarat, makin die baran tak tentu psl....

    Harap semuanya dalam keadaan baik ye? Selamat berpuasa!

  3. JELES!!!

    ingat nak beli tapi kepala macam kena drill. rumah macam kena bom dengan Eiman sorang dan ZwanZwan plak pi main paintball. Lepas tu kena rush buat assignment. LEMBEK!!!

    me tak posa ni... sedih sedih! pewot kosong -> pening -> loya -> muntah...

    selamat hari raya!

  4. Fitri,
    Happy Ramadhan to you! :D

    Mommy Fara,
    Maybe think combination of a lot of things, nak dpt adik, phase toddler yg mmg mcm tu, etc etc. Thanks..tengah berusaha bersabar hehe

    Haha..Tatty mana boleh raya!

  5. kitrg pun beli BR..sempat tu beli ms tu dah dekat kul beli kecik je..sbb nnt maria kan no icecream please kat rumah..kang ada yg terliur..