Monday, July 11, 2011


I've been abandoning to write about my 2nd pregnancy, a lot. I guess it's just a matter of life. You always excited over the first one. Not that I don't feel excited with this one, only that, other things become higher priority now - work, raising the little one, juggling life, yeah..something like that.

Anyway Alhamdulillah I'm doing well with this pregnancy. Very well I might say, no sickness or whatever. Only that it becomes harder for me in the second trimester. I started to feel the heartburn sensation especially when I missed few brief meals in between. The heartburn will start after lunch and keep on flaming the whole evening. Pedih sangat :(

I also started to feel backpain and sakit-bontot-dont-know-how-to-describe-it. It's so painful that I can't walk properly and up to sometimes, I feel like crying. But I noticed it is avoidable. If I wear socks and proper cloth while sleeping, it won't be that bad. So I guess it's just angin. After all I am the easily badan berangin type. Masalahnya, PANAS to pakai stocking bagai *nanges*. We sleep in air-conditioned room, but with stocking on? sangat la tak best.

Not to mention I'm very tired nowadays. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe part of it because I'm getting older? Sometimes rasa macam nak makan pharmaton je to boost up the energy, but tak berani la pulak. And Zahra is so lasak nowadays. Not that I'm complaining, it just I've been pampering her quite a lot. Sikit2 with mommy, sikit with mommy. I love her sooooo much. I'm so kesian with her...tak dpt manja2 more than 2 years :(

Ok baby time. He's around 28 weeks now. Yeah, you read it right, it's going to be a HE! haha. Most probably la..according to scan. But who knows after pop-out not a boy kan? God's will. Well, insyaAllah a boy :)

Weighted at 880 gram based on last weekend's checkup and doing fine. This little one I noticed loves to be move on the right side. I can always see he bulging out my right tummy, as for Zahra dulu, she loves to be on the left side.

We call him babyG (not the name will start with G, but it's just inside joke between me and MrComot, so I'm going to use the nickname from now on).

I haven't bought anything yet for him, because most of the stuff is already there. Oh ya, we just bought a nice rocking chair for him, but it is being used by Zahra now hahaha. I hope it can last until babyG pop-out. I'll write about the chair later.

My latest pic last week.

Oh ya, I'm about 50kgs now, last time I started the pregnancy with this weight hehe. I know I'm a bit on the underweight side. Hopefully I'll be good after the delivery, not skinnier *takotnya*.

Zahra still on breastfeeding, not that I have milk pun, maybe a few drops or so. It's just she still wants it, and I wanted to wean her but then dia kena Nephrotic pulak, so tak sampai hati. It's like ripping off her comfort time. So I just let her latch and do whatever she likes. But the doctor advised me to seriously stop at 7 prevent premature delivery. I've read some and there is no proof breastfeeding will lead to premature newborn but if you have history, it might contribute to that. So yeah, meaning I still need to wean her any case...

Such a dilemma. I'm about 7 months already. We'll see how later. Just play it by ear.


  1. sis, i ada baca satu blog nie. kakak ni masih menyusukan anak first dia while pregnant.

    link dia

    mungkin sis leh mintak pendapat dia about it.

  2. ala comeyla br 50kg...!!! itu pun 7month preg!!!!! dont worry to much ok..everything will b fine

  3. yeay
    its going to be a HE!
    i pun nak baby boy after this

    itu pun kalau ada rezeki

  4. TIME FLIES! dah 7 bulan?
    harap sume ok aan, me too kesian zahra sbb dia nak attention.. takpela, rezeki kan.. lgpun ur hubby is always there.. doa banyak2 ok..
    u one strong mommy!

  5. Ain,

    Hehe comell..risau sikit je, sbb dulu BF terus turun byk, so takut nnt jadi skeleton pulak, insyAllah tak kut hehe

    InsyaAllah..ur turn next :D

    Me pun kesian dia. For now mmg trying my best la to manja her. Thanks darling :)

  6. em aqil pun masih 'menyusu' even susu takdak..hehe..yeay dah nmpak baby bump dan sepasang la lepas ni..yeay yeay..