Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Most Expensive Ever Kurau

Giant KD has become our second home lately. We rarely go to mall, most of it because I don't have the energy to walk around and handling Zahra at the same time. I feel too heavy! Giant has become the most convenient place for us to shop, because somehow we need to buy wet food for Zahra's soup - chicken, beef, fish, vege, stuff like that.

So we are more or less can fold-blind our eyes and know exactly where to get the stuff haha. Last couple of weekends, we encountered with kurau and MrComot's eyes lighted up "Wahhhh sedapnya kurau!"

I was like, is it? Ok..I think I had kurau before, but I don't remember how it tastes, not to mention how to cook it. I just recognize the taste of ikan kembung, ikan sardin, ikan terubuk (yum! my fav!) and ikan tenggiri.

So I said,
kita beli lah! But I don't know how to cook it.
Alaaa..goreng je
You sure? It won't taste weird or something like that?
Takpe..goreng je

Hahaha.confident je kan. So we bought 2 slices of fillet and went to the counter to weigh it and guess what? It's freaking RM20!

Ok.. I know Kurau is expensive. But I never know it can be THAT expensive. And we can conveniently put it back if we don't want it, but since MrComot said want to eat la sedap la apa la..why not, just try it la kan.

So here is my expensive Kurau.


That's not the highlight of the event. The best part is..

we burnt it!!!!

Ok, to my defense, it wasn't my fault ok. First, the flesh is tooo soft, more to mushy texture I will say. When it is nicely brown, I pick it up and taste to check, cooked or not..and it still mushy. So I put it back on the fire and after a few mins, it burnt! To my horror, the taste still mushy! Ok, maybe that's how the texture should be but MrComot said it is different last time, firm just like Tenggiri.

Nevermind, we just eat it (in my heart still fearing it is undercooked despite of the long fry). Then I called up my mom and ask, she said normally people use kurau for asam pedas and not cook it too long. The flesh is soft (but I don't know her level of softness as mine is too soft!) but takde la hancur.

Nak cakap tak fresh, it looks fresh to me T_T

So there goes my most expensive Kurau. Kalau ikut tekak ni, memang tanak makan okk..but to think how much it cost and tak baik membazir, makan jugak. Nasib baik 2 keping je..kalau tak, sia-sia je *nanges*


  1. Wow.rm20? mcm salmon nye price. Oh well, at least now u know if later want to buy, cook asam pedas!(and invite me.. :P)

  2. ya laa lalink. kurau more suitable utk asam pedas or kari gituu. kurau ok. ehehe

  3. maybe kurau tu look like mcm fresh tapi bila kita tekan2 isi dia masa pilih dia x fresh.. (fresh becoz of ice only).. normally me pegi pasar borong to buy ikan yang besar2 mcm tenggiri, kurau, mayong @duri, parang - oo semua sedap tuk masak asam pedas.. nyam nyam

  4. Mommy Fara,
    Mmg scary. Lagi scary sbb tak jadi hehe

    I think salmon is cheaper, kalau beli 2 block mcm tu dlm 15 and confirmed sedap hahahaha. Ishh asam pedas lak..ko laa senang nak masak dah now :D

    No next kurau for me kut, until I rasa org punya kurau, so akan ingat the benchmark hehehe

    Maybe kut? Me agak fail bab2 pilih2 ikan because I rarely buy it. Nak pergi pasar tak sempat..Giant pun Giant la. But lesson learnt, will buy big fish at market la :D

  5. Aku bz tgk cite korea, mana sempat nak masak.. hahahaha.