Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Zahra and Nephrotic Syndrome - Day #18

Just a short update on the last Saturday checkup. We went to TMC in the morning after collect the urine, unfortunately we didn't see the Paed at all because the there is an emergency in NICU and it was almost 1PM already (waited since 11AM) so we decided to go back home first.

Finally we talked to her Paed and had discussion via phone. Haha..so sempoi and easy. I don't mind really, as long as all the messages delivered. Before we shoot off to home, the urine result came out and Alhamdulillah..it went down to 3+. It's not that significant because I was hoping for 2+ or something hehe, but better than nothing right? The blood count in the urine was very positive, last time 250 and last week was 10.1 only. The normal reading will be 10 and below.

Anyway the Paed just informed us that now is the most critical time for Zahra as when it shows good result, it means that the steroid starts to kicking in and she is in the most vulnerable stage of immunocompromised and we have to treat any fever or cold immediately instead of relying on the natural immune system. And she might have stomach cramp due to the medicine and we have to send her to hospital immediately if she ever vomits out.

I have to cancel a lot of plans, for fearing there is a bacteria floating outside and harm her, like going to bird park :( sorry Zahra, you have to wait much later, nanti after u finished the treatment, your adik pulak born, so much much much much later then we'll go visit the birds ok? :(

For now, please stay strong and no vomit out or stomach cramp or whatever bacteria infection. Mommy and daddy lovessss you sooooo much! :*

Oh ya, we going to see the Paed again tomorrow morning, I'll update on her progress later.


  1. semoga semuanya dlm keadaan baik ye?

  2. Aan,
    me hoping the best for Zahra. and for you too.

    take care, mummy. may Allah permudahkan semuanya utk you and family.

  3. take care aan..with u yang tengah sarat banyak pakai energy. zara ,auntie wish u good health always.

  4. Aan...
    moga semua bertambah baik dan zahra sihat kembali..zahra kuat!

    moga urusan dipermudahkan Tuhan..amin..

  5. Hi Aan..

    Seriousnye health condition Zahra.
    I hope ur princess will get better soon..

    Btw, cane Zahra leh dpt infection ni?

  6. Mommy Fara, Ann, Lin, Ummi, thanks a lot >:D<

    Dia bukan infection, it's more to disorder. Ada infection attack body system Zahra, so antibody fight it, pastu overdrive antibody and pegi attack kidney. They call it auto-immune.