Saturday, July 30, 2011

zahra and Nephrotic Syndrome: Allergy Drama

We had another scare last Thursday. Zahra had a few allergy bumps around 145am but since it's nothing serious, I just rub her and put her back to sleep. In the morning, the bumps went away, so I thought it must be something she had last dinner, even though we ate pretty much the same food. The only different is the mint chicken that I gave her, it is cooked with yogurt but I already wash the sauce and gave her only the chicken.

During lunch time, I received a call from her baby sitter that some red patches appeared around her cheek, legs and hands. It's not that bad according to her, so I didn't go and take a look. Furthernore, both of us had training at TTC that time. We called Dr Anushree and she said it looks like allergy reaction if it comes and go. During evening when we picked her, the patches gone, so okay lah..

She had her usual dinner and suddenly the red patches reappear. It seems like it flares everytime after meal. It's so weird because she is on Prednisolone, it's like the strongest medicine and is also used to counter allergy, and yet, she has allergy? Since she is not showing any discomfort, I just let it be and around 10pm it went away.

She had her before sleep milk and I was woken up at 1245am by a very sore boobs. One thing about Zahra, she won't cry if she feels uncomfortable during sleep, instead she will keep on latching and bite my boobs. I was tired as well and fell asleep and didn't realize she was sucking hard, almost gritting actually, hence the soreness.

When I pull my boob, she will cry, then I knew it she still not in deep sleep and it's so unusual of her, so I switched on the lights and so panic to see her whole body is covered with red patches!

We've been dealing with allergy few times already so normally I won't be that worry but since she is in Nephrotic treatment, I am afraid this is something else so we quickly rushed to emergency at TMC.

We brought along the steroid treatment letter and the Dr on duty checks her up and made a call to Dr Anushree to brief her. Since her airways is clear, she is given antihistsmine medicine to stop the allergy reaction. Poor my baby, has to take another medicine...

According to the Dr, yes, Prednisolone is used to treat allergy, but since Zahra is on high dose of Prednisolone for over a month now, it will bring down her immune system, hence she is easily attacked or infected. That's the drawside of the steroid. The allergy can be triggered by anything, food, insect bites, dust, pets, she is totally immunocompromised.

The patches gone after 2 dose of antihistamine (that will be 16 hour gaps, 8 hour per dose) but I decided to give her 3 complete doses to make sure it's gone for real. Alhamdulillah, no flare after she taken any food after she finished the medicine.

Kesian my baby, she's so vulnerable now.... Not only the allergy, she had a thick discharge from her eyes after that. I read online and it's because conjunctivitis bacteria or her body is dispelling toxin. But the discharge gradually reduced today so we decided not to go to doctor yet as she will have her checkups this Monday.

On the protein reading (test done at home) is very confusing. After the hike at 4+, it reduced to 2+ yesterday, and today back to 3+ *sigh*.

I hope all is well this Monday. Aminnnn..


  1. Poor zahra and mommy. Stay strong babe!

  2. Take care n stay strong.

  3. Salam,

    kesian anak dara tu.
    kami dari aritu nak tnya tapi segan...
    pasal dos ubat tu la... sbb Ewan dulu 1 week doktor bagi yg lemah, then next week sederhana then tinggi, then sederhana, lemah... naper doktor tak buat camtu kat Zahra ye?

  4. Tatty,
    Me pun tak sure...dr cakap treatment Nephrotic mmg mcm tu, start paling tinggi utk lawan antibodi, bagi down betul2..pastu bila dah nak lega baru bagi yg rendah. Hmm..hopefully all is well, me dah buat appointment ngan nefrologist SJMC too, nak dengar 2nd opinion. HKL tu mmg confirm kena pegi.