Monday, July 25, 2011

Zahra and Nephrotic Syndrome - A relapse?

I wanted to rant about my shiny black push present, but I got bad news this yeah, lets talk about the bad news first.

As per her progress last week, we pretty much excited about her condition and send the urine to TMC this morning with peace of mine.. until this noon when Dr Anushree called us up and inform us that her reading is bad. It's 4+!! The exact count is 5.0mg, while last week was 0.75mg. Such a big difference.

So it's most probably a relapse. Ok, I get it, Nephrotic syndrome can reoccur, but a relapse within a treatment? And she hasn't even finish the treatment yet.

We have to repeat the urine test tomorrow to confirm on this issue, and if it maintains at 4+, she has to be referred to HKL for nefrologist (kidney expert) for further diagnose.

It's too much for me to absorb.

I was stunned at first, part of me in denial, part of it just don't know what to think.. or what to expect. I mean, if we are not dealing with straight forward Nephrotic, what it's gonna be? How are they going to take kidney biopsy from Zahra? Are they going to poke her around?

After about an hour in haze, I burst out crying because I was too sad. And can't stop crying for ther next hour.

Now I'm all alright :)

Hopefully the reading was wrong. We gave the sample 1 1/2 hours late and maybe it's contaminated. Well, urine within 2 hours is acceptable, but can't think too much now, just wait for tomorrow's result pulak.

I'll rant again later.


  1. Ya Allah,
    Semoga keadaan Zahra dalam keadaan yang baik dan sihat seperti sediakala.

    Saya tahu, berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul. Saya cuma nak pesan, tabah hadapi segala kemungkinan. Saya pun sedih.

  2. sabar Aan
    nothing much to say
    me doakan semoga Zahra kembali sihat seperti selalu

  3. Ya allah... semoga Zara cepat sihat!! kesian mommy dah la tgh pregnant.

  4. Thanks Mommy Fara..I'm trying to be strong here. InsyaAllah we can go through this..

    Thanks Ann, insyaAllah...ameen...

    Ilot, tu lah..kesian dia, sbb now dia mcm tantrums too..and I tend to scold her sebab penat sgt. Ntah2 dia feel tak selesa inside :(. Ameen..Zahra strong girl!