Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rocking Chair

One thing I love being pregnant with second one is because nothing much we have to buy, except for the clothes (as Zahra's almost all in pink hehe). The big-big stuff like warmer, sterilizer, baby cot, stroller, etc, already in good hands, so recycle it is.

Since we are not going to buy anything big, I decided to buy this rocking chair on the first time I laid my eyes on it. We were buying some creams for Zahra Elena at Fabulous Mom TTDI and I saw this on display, and also on big discount! It was really love at first sight!

It's part of impulse and rational buy. Really. First, because I like it - that is impulse. Then I rational it, ok nanti ada 2 anak senang nak handle, duduk diam-diam dlm rocker tu hahaha. Lepas beli mula la rasa..haishhh mahal nya, mcm tak berbaloi je hmmm...

But the plus point is, it's for newborn to toddler (18kgs) so Zahra can use it as well! So just close the eyes la :D

Assembling. Tengok Zahra, ke hulu ke hilir busy nak tolong.

And all giggles when she finally get to sit on it.

Her favourite time, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Boboiboy on the rocking chair, while munching on some snacks. Sometimes I give her koko krunch, sometimes boiled frozen peas. And not to forget that I have to ON the vibration button. But she likes for a while only, after that tak kisah sangat dah hehe..

Btw, kids will always be kids. She only obsessed with this chair for few weeks (we bought it in May 2011) and now she's happier climbing on the chair and trying to slide it, macam-macam stunt lah that I have to shout most of the time "Zahra! No!!! Nanti rosak, tak sempat adik nak duduk!".

Hahaha. I hope it can last until babyG pop-out. Seriously.


  1. how much is it? semalam pegi FM kt puchong tak perasan plak.

  2. I've got a similar one too. Except my aunty gave it to me as his son don't want to sit on it after bought it.. huhu. Lucky me! Hehhee
    Danish 'used' to loveeee sleeping on it cos it can rock back and forth. Now however he can only be on it for 10 mins the most then he want to be pick up. Sigh. Neway, hope can use it when he's bigger, like Zahra, tengok tv ape ke.
    I think its a really good investment.

  3. Hehe.Me pon ade beli this rocker, my baby duduk ikot mood dia.

    If mood baek, we could rock her to sleep innit, else letak seminit dia dah angkat2 badan suh angkat.heheheh

  4. Zahra nak dapat adik? Congrats ! ^^

  5. Orkidessa,
    At about 349 but I bought at Fabulous mom at 299. Now kalau tgk online pun ramai kedai dah discount to 299.

    Wah lucky you! I think ok jugak this chair, 10mins distraction is better than nothing hehehe

    Really? Wahhhhh hopefully babyG pun boleh tido dlm ni nanti, kalau tak me boleh pengsan :P

    Thank youuu!! :D

  6. kalau aqil dah lama rosak..hehe..beli kerusi kat dia..br sehari dah patah..aduihla anak itu..tgk zahra duduk baik2 dlm gamba tu rs nak beli satu..hehe..