Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The BoboiBoy Girl

Ok, enough of sedih-sedih. Lets talk about happy thing to kick the morning :D

We went to Sushi King Ikano last Saturday and below is a couple of happy faces of Zahra Elena! I love these pics so much she is not the photogenic type and most of the time her pic will turn out like a boy! Haha.

But she was very happy last weekend, most probably because it is 9PM already. That's the normal her, she will be all giggling and happy before going to bed. It's like she's on high or something.

Eating edamame and udon!

Singing something - swinging her head left and right hehe.

After the dinner I took her walking around and she went to the Speedy next to the Sushi King (because that's where kids like to be sbb ada TV haha) and look what she found:

Boboi Boy!

It's her current favourite show and she spotted it by herself! Mata Zahra ni boleh tahan tajam, kalau nampak mickey mouse ke boboiboy ke, barney ke..cepat giler. I mean, I will have a hard time to spot those character especially if they are small. Maybe sebab mata mummy melilau tengok baju kut hehe.

Oh ya, the moment she saw the CDs, she shouted:


And I pun pulun la cari where is it where is it and tak sempat nak cari, she already showing me the place :D

And fished out the whole CDs and give them to my sister. I am too heavy to chase her around, thank God my sister was with us that night, she's keeping an eye on her.

If you haven't heard of this cartoon, it's an animation series by Animonstamedia - a local product! *proud to be Malaysian!*. Cerita dia best okkkk! Haha. Sometimes me pulak yg ketagih to watch it instead of Zahra.

Below is the making of the soundtrack. Yuri Wong (the composer) is so handsome kan? Don't cerca my taste ok..but well, most of girls senang cair with org yg macam cool and pandai main gitar kan? Hahaha.

*off topic*
Oh oh oh do you know that MrComot plays guitar too? In fact, he plays classical. Wowwwwww.. Ok, I didn't know that until after we gotten married. He never la nak show off dia pandai main ke apa.. and he doesn't have the time pun. But yeah..he plays classical! *heart*

Ok enjoy the music video and happy Tuesday everyone ;)


  1. Zahra bijak. Smpi skg saya tak dpt detect ape kegemaran Aydin yg sebenar2nye...


  2. me ingat ada video your hubby main gitar. rekod la satu.... bg azwan tgk, sure dia jeressss...

    eiman jugak tak ada kartun kegemaran... semua so-so jer...

  3. Momm Fara, don't worry, mmg baby mcm tu actually, they wont stay long suka something. Zahra pun kejap je, lepas tu dia nak gk menda lain. But boboiboy ni sbb the babysittee pasang hari2, other bigger kids suka tgk hehe

    Tatty, short span kan derang ni...kejap je Zahra ni, pastu tak heran. Mummy dia yg syok duk tgk ;p

    Cik Kopi, comel kannnn..haha matila puji sendiri ;p