Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Penang on Random

Hi all,

Actually I am soooo itchy to update about my 1st get-together-dinner hosted at the house but unfortunately my camera is out of battery, so I will try to update esok provided I remember to charge my battery. As if banyak gamba nak bagi pun :P

So I'm going to write the last entry for our Penang trip. This entry is about random thing in Penang that we did and captured. Lets pics do the talking ;)

Our first meal once we stepped in Penang. Char keow teow, Sotong Kangkung, Laksa Penang (SEDAPPP GILERR!!) and young coconut at Gurney Drive. My craving for Laksa totally paid off with this yummilicious laksa! I love love love laksa penang and laksa kedah.

Gurney drive when the tide is at its lowest. You can see the big rocks are embraced with thick green moss.

Komtar is very ghostly now. And it was on Saturday! But somehow, some shops spell the other side..

Like this Watsons. Look at the tiles!!! The detailing is very heartwarming.

People walking at beach with umbrella. It wasn't that hot though..

I wonder how it feels to fly with the big balloons. We'll try it later, at another beach. The morning breeze is just soooo right for u to lay on the sand and do nothing.

The covered links to chowrasta from Komtar. The road is quite tricky, they are all one way.

They start to sell CNY stuff already

"Tiau Lang Khay"
It's a local Chinese term for 'execution street' where the guilty person will be hanging, next to police station.

We were doing self-capture using our own hands when one of the tourist (Mat Salleh) stopped and said "Let me take for you". Very nice of him! I wanted to snap his picture as well but I was so shy that time hmmppphh.

Looking at these pictures somehow making me miss Penang very much. The food, the old building, the one way road, the big trees, they are breathtaking and incredibly touching my heart.

So long Penang, we'll meet again, sooner or later ;)


  1. Hehehhe...
    YOU make me rasa nak balik penang! nak balik sampai rasa mcm nak begolek-golek atas lantai sekarang ni...
    tetambah nenek sedara bgtau, la ni musim buah nanam... peh!

  2. sedapnyeeeeeeeee penang char kue teow!!!!!! dem!nak gi penang plisss...

    owh, btw, hi ms.aandes, saye elya, adek terangkat miss.khairiah,heheh..buruknye prangai kan,ingat makanan dulu, my bad =p.

    but rily, sedap sgt!

  3. Tatty, bestla ada sedara kat Penang. Culture kat sana lain kan..refreshed sgt being away frm KL hehe. And buah nanam tu buah apa? Aaaa mcm kedondong ehh? Me rasa mcm u pernah tulis dlm blog pasal nanam ni..

    Hi Elya! Adik angkat bakal puan tu eh..welcome2 :D Mmg sedapp char keow teow tu but me dunno where to find a nice one in KL. Kalau u tahu, tell me eh..my hubby suka sgt CKT ni :D

  4. me leh makan laksa penang tu beberapa mangkuk okeh..- skali hadap.. !! stock-sampai-ntah-biler-nakgi-penang lagi.. hihi

  5. me dulu menu harian adalah pagi nasi lemak/nasi bungkus tepi jalan.

    tengahari = char koay teow
    malam = nasi kandar....

    almost every single day tak miss la menu.. nak wat camna... student.. bajet gilerrr lagipun semua tu tepi rumah sewa hehehhe

  6. Wahhh student2 pun makan nasi kandar. Me dulu makan nasik cafe je okkkk :P

    Ps: Giler lah hari2 makan mcm tu, so sinful! hehe

  7. eh...CKT taman bunga raya dekat2 dengan TAR college tu dah try? not bad ok.

    my order...without taugeh plisss

  8. owh. ade this kedai at my place. carlos 2, usj 9. ckt die not baddddd, always tapau! udang besau, kerang byk. if u suke ckt banjir, mmg banjir abies lah. for me, sedap lah.

    do try eyh.

  9. Lalink, me pun tak suka sgt taugeh, but MrComot suka giler! Hmmmm

    Elya, me suka yg banjir2! Waaaaaaa kena try ni since u cakap udang besar lagi hahaha. Thanks2

  10. student/working dah by 2nd year :) tp murah per what i eat... nasi byk lauk besar :)

    no wonder la by the time i get out of usm i was 10kg bigger! ahahhahaah