Friday, August 15, 2008

Fasting can't make you diet

Remember my last night craving?

I haaaad themm ALLL hahaha. Gila keji.

Seriously, I can't shed some weight by fasting because it makes me craving more than ordinary day *sigh*.

Btw, I didn't fast to kill the fats, but to ganti all the leave la kan. But still, secretly I was hoping it will help me losing some stones as well. Talking about killing 2 birds at a time kan.

What I had (of course shared with MrComot, but I finished my whole big portion rice. Tomyam campur, telur dadar, kangkung belacan, ayam goreng kunyit. And I be humble for taking only warm water :'>

But thennnnnn, my craving still unsatisfied and I quickly grab MrComot's hand while saying "Sayang pweaaaaaseeee me wannnt icecreammmmmm"

And when I stepped right into BR, I was giggled like schoolgirls because I am too excited. Gilaa okkkkk

Want to share? No wayyyyyy :P

Being the tamak in me, I choose 3 regular scoops of Pistachio Almond, Choc Chips and Baseball Nut. Remember my all time fav Old Fashioned Butter Pecan? Takde that nite :(

Btw, Baseball Nut is my all time fav too!!

So, who say fasting can be part of the diet process ;(

Just to share something interesting here. Do you know how to pronounce Pecan? Ahaha I am the blonde just discovered the correct way to say it few months ago (I think around 2 months kut). Before this I sebut as pay-ken. But it is actually pee-kawnnnn. Silly me! I learnt from a cooking show in youtube.


Now I feel like a squirrel! Hehehe


  1. wahhhh.. i wish i could eat a lot like u la lalink. i need to pile on some kilos but it's such a trying effort lah. i think my tummy has shrunk :(

  2. :) sedapnye dia mamam...

    its peee-kawnn eh?

  3. Haha good for u la ur tummy shrunk tau. Kalau tak nnt u pening kepala mcm I pulak thinking how to shed some

    Aleeya, yup it is peekawwwnn but I dunno la normal slang or british or etc but so far I heard like that :D

  4. laa..baru pandai sebut ke?? (ahahaha..keji plak statement me ni bunyinye) :P

    lalink..PE bunyi peee..can bunyinye, PECAN bunyinye..PEEEKAWN. naper PE leh jadi pay plak? ihiks..tapi tomeii laa sebutan u tu..PAY-KEN. me gi BR nak order 'kak..butter payken satu'...

  5. Wahhh u dah tahu lama ke??? Me ingat me dah abes terer hahahaha. Mana lah me tahu, peekawwwnn is not makanan ruji kita okkkk *defensive*. Kalau sebut rice me tahu la haha