Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sausage Platter at 1901

I was craving for sausage platter since my last puasa ganti. But I don't really 'find' where to get the sausage platter as I know I can do it by myself once the crave unbearable. I will go to Jusco, get as many sausages I want, got turkey, beef, mushroom, cheese, etc etc. Then I will steam or grill them and wipe out a PERFECT sauce which will include only mayonnaise hihihihihi.

But, plan will always be plan. I am like usual, too lazyyy to cook even for my own tummy. Seriously, no fun ok cook for one people only. But I'll definitely cook after kawen. I already have an impressive list of recipe ok, kid you not! :D

Btw, we went to KLCC last week to get his ring and stopped by 1901 when my eyes caught this:

I was like, Heyyy tak pernah tahu pun 1901 has sausages platter!!!

Seriously, tak pernah tahu okkk. Is it been there like, forever? Or new menu? But they did tell me that not all branches has the same menu.

So I quickly order gourmet platter which include 2 mushroom sausages, cabbage + carrot salad (I replaced it with baked beans), 2 pieces of long buns and mashed potato.

Let me do a checklist.

Mushroom sausages - OK. Can buy sendiri brand ayamas (a pack of 6 will cost u around RM5 mcm tu). Sebijik ookk rasa dia.
Bun - Normal. I am not a bread person.
Baked beans - So-so
Mashed potato - Instant one, from Maggi machine - hahaha

And it came with OJ (written in the menu) but it is actually pure sweetened orange cordial. Oh ya, another thing is, the sauce written is something like this 'light new york dressing', if I'm not mistaken la, so I asked the counter guy how will the sauce be. Then he said,

Counter guy:'s only mayonnaise ngan ketchup.

I was like, heloooooooooooooooo!! Perlu ke you letak nama bombastic and fantastic mcm ni buat I mcm excited giler but it is eventually, sos ngan mayonnaise je? Ughhhh. Hmm but, what should I expect from fast food kan? Hehehe


The meal somehow get to wash my craving away. But I definitely will choose their normal sausage sandwich than the platter, anytime.

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