Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Being Organic

I was blog hopping when I found this and this.

And suddenly I feel like to be healthy so I tag along MrComot to try it out. It is located at lower ground Bangsar Village.

To be safe, we ordered meals that were well reviewed. At the same time, I want to try their soup, so I chose chicken soup instead of the tomyam.

Free-range chicken soup with seaweed and baby corn. It tasted like Miso soup but with thicker taste of soy bean paste. And got very little chicken pieces. Not appetizing enough for my taste bud. In fact, me as soup sucker couldn't finish it off and let MrComot had it all. Poor him, I know he didn't like it too but tanak membazir, dia abeskan jugak.

Beta-carotene-something rice. Brown rice fried with tomato paste with lots vege and free-range chicken. only for me. Seriously, I think I need something not-organic. Somehow, it lacks the special flavour that normal dish has.

Iron Lady salad - contains spinach, free-range chicken, organic onions, tomatoes, taugeh and eggs, with balsamic vinegar as the dressing. This is the only food that I like that night. Maybe the vinegar helped.

Dragon fruit-something. Soy based drink with a hint of dragon fruit and majestic something (terlupaaaaaa, but it is something mcm biji kaler hitam like grind peppercorn). Tak best jugak. Nama gempak (and maybe the benefit as well) but the taste is like normal soyabean.

While dining, you can check out all the organic stuff they have. From organic pasta to sea salt. Organic coconut oil, vinegar, beans, canned food etc etc.

If you are a health conscious person, it's good for you the check out this place. The meal is reasonable but the dry food is quite expensive. A small bag of gluten-free spaghetti can cost you around RM20.


  1. sungguh
    me cannot la organic2 nii
    me memang omnivor sejati yang memerlukan campuran kimia sebagai penyedap rasa yang menyelerakan tekak..mwahahaha

  2. sup kaki ayam me lagi lemak berkrim okkkk *two thumbs up* :P

  3. Exactly Khairiah, serious tak dimasukkan dlm makanan kegemaran. Me pun perlukan makanan tercemar :P

    Bee, ur kaki ayam wayyyy sedappp laaa. Bila nak masak lagi :D and ops, no lobak putih tu ehh *haha demand*