Monday, August 4, 2008

The chaotic 31

Last week, we went to Baskin Robbins Bangsar for their 31st promotion. That was our first time to experience the crowd for the promotion.

The banner

And we have to take Q number okkkk! Giler ramai org.

Crowd at 9PM

Crowd at 10PM

We waited for 1 hour for our number to be called okkkk!! Seriously, the system is not practical at all. There were like 4 people at the icecream counter, so equivalent to 4 people(numbers) to be served kan? But once a number called, SEMUA tiba2 busy layan one person only okkkk. Apahal?

And then tak kira lagi, some people took lots numbers then suddenly vanished. Then the icecream guy keep on calling 'Number 334', paused a few mins, 'threeee threeee fourrr', no one come out, paused again, 'tiga tigaaaa empaaattt'. Perlu ke wasting time mcm tu? They should have called, and if nobody, then move to the next number ok.

I really think it will be faster if everybody just lined up and served one by one, manually. Numbering system is ok if the workers are fast. But most of them mcm curi tulang je.

Melted top

After one hour, we got this a bit melted icecream with WRONG flavour!!! I asked a pint of choc chip and baseball nut, instead I got choc chip with old fashioned butter pecan. Apakahhh??? How come they missed it sbb I siap TULIS okkk the flavour. Seriously it was a big turn off sbb I was craving for baseball nut that time. And combination of choc chis with butter pecan is baaaaaddddddd.


Seriously, it is not worth your 1 hour time for only RM7++ discount. Melted and wrong order summore!

But, we planned that once we got our fridge and move in together, we going to go earlier (like 6PM after work) and buy gallonnnnsss to stock up in our house. Hahaha. Baru la berbaloi with the discount :D


  1. But, we planned that once we got our fridge and move in together...

    hahahahaha. i like that statement.

  2. hamboiii kakak ku ini..
    sungguh teliti perancangan ms depan anda..*setuju dgn yan*

    tomeii tangat ur words tu..ihiks..
    *tak gediks pong*


  3. lama nye tunggu..
    kalau tgk org byk sure, sure i takde mood nak makan icecream..

  4. Me agree with Mrs Hafiz :p

  5. oohhh.. now u buat me craving for love potion. harusss kena pegi beli jap lagi.

    lalink, fridge u kaler apa? *competitive la katakan..gedik tak skang? hahahahah :P*

  6. sounds gedik ke Yan? Tak kannnn...

    Khairiah, perancangan after kawen lagi penting tau dari wedding sbb it's going to be whole life event. Ada unsur2 bakal isteri mithali sgt kan haha

    Aleeya and Shani, mmg seriously takde mood. Tapi sbb geram dah dpt number and want to see what will happen, tunggu je la haha

    Bee, love potion is not in town la. Ada in february je kan..for V day. Btw, tak beli the fridge lagi, but we are eyeing the black one from Mitsubishi. The thing is, the exterior sgt cantik but the interior ughhhh so old skool and plain.