Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Neopets anyone?

I was soooo bored just now clicking here and there that I decided to do something else (still using the PC) and then I remember I have an account in Neopets!!

My oh my...

I dunno if you guys ever heard this online game but it is definitely an old skool one. It keeps better and better each day and still FREE!!

I know there are lots unpaid online games but this one is something different. You have to explore yourself to know what's in there.

First thing first, meet my very first and only neopets, Earthfirefly!!

And it's yellow! Haha I never knew I like yellow this much. Btw, can you see that my Kyrii is DYING!! Of course because I didn't feed her *badddddd master*

The status will change to hungry, famished, etc according to how long it's unfeeded (got this word ke?) and dying will be the last one (hmm after a week rasanya). The thing is, I think I haven't feed it for years okkkk! Hahaha. A good thing about this pet, it won't die, literally. You just have to stuff it with lots food than the status will change to a better state :P

Just see how old my kyrii is. 2164 days is about 6 years. Oh myyyyy.. I am soo budak kecik when I started.

Another thing that I like sooo much about this thing is the food selection. They are sooo cute with weird choices and in bright colors! Most of the time I will drool over the food even though they are not real and for my pet! As if I can choose for myself kan? Hahaha. It's pure hallucination I tell ya. And I will end up choosing something that *I* like to have. And it will be anything with cheese and chocolates. These people are good with hooking people right?

I'm drooling with the Jalapeno Popper
(even I never know what exactly the thing is haha)

And things get more interesting as you can haggle for your food!!! And the shops pretty tight I'm telling ya, wont' accept cheap offer. Jangan main2.

Failed on my 1st haggle

2nd attempt. Only 11points less! Cess. At least I got it. Sometimes when I become cheapskate, I will haggle more and zuuuppppp, the stock finished okkkkkk. Haiyohhh thousands people are playing at the same time. And you have to wait like hours before they restock the food.

And how do I get money to buy the food? Ahahaha money. It's neopoint. But still u have to work for it. You can achieve it by playing games or open trading shops in bazaar or you can even send your neopets to work! I will just play the games as it's easy-peasy and have wide variations from Action to Puzzle, Educational to Adventure. They are nevertheless fun too!

My all time favourite will be Snowmuncher, Sutek's Tomb and Destruct-O-Match. All the 3 are 1st level game which require no skill and don't have to think at all. Ahaha. What a game.

And you can even keep your money in the bank!!

If only I have that amount of money right now. I will be the happiest kiddo in this whole word. Talk about another hallucination :D

They also have bookstore (for some intelligence for your pet), school, clothes, toys, bazaar, another weird world for you to venture, contest, matches, etc etc. You can even leave your pet in their hotels (you have to pay, with the neopoints of course) and they will clean, feed (I don't know how they define as cleaning haha) your pet, hence will be no 'dying' status, like I have now :P

But why bother right? Only a freak will send their virtual pet to virtual care centre. Excuse me, a neopet-freak. I am just the baaaadd master :D

Another BIG point is, the illustration is very good and CUTE. With vibrants color and thousands unique characters, this site is absolutely an eye catcher.

If I have all the time in the world, I'll definitely devote myself to neoworld.

Hahaha I know it's crazy.


  1. Ey Sis Aan,ter-bump into ur blog.hehe.Apekeh rasa macam ketinggalan zaman and now u're getting married? Aiyoh!hehe. Owh I'm a neopet freak,ade 4 ekor neopets. :D

  2. Hi DD!!!! Wahhhh long time no hear. dah lama tak masuk Terato la. Yup! Getting married. Come to my wedding tau.

    Btw, I clicked on ur profile and tiba2 excited sbb ur fav book is Master of the Game. Same with mine!! Seriously okk, it's one of the best piece frm him. You ada recommend author tak? Me dah tak tahu nak baca apa now :(

  3. Terkeluar skt dari topic posting, ada sesiapa dapat donload movie Master of the Game tak?

    I first saw it in the 80's di TV2, tapi cari sampai sekarang masih tak dapat-dapat.

  4. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    kami tak bleh login akaun neopet kami...
    rugi wooo dlm tu me ada duit lebih setengah juta... sedihnya...
    my pet's name is GHABIT

  5. Shani! Ada eh? Kena cari kat torrent ni. Btw, currently me tgh dload I dreamt of Jeannie (Sid Sheldon too) and hilarious ok. Nnt kalau dah beli dvd, I burnt one copy for u.

    Waaaa tatty..sejuta tuuu hahaha. Rasa mcm duit betul kan. Kenapa tak boleh login? Name Ghabit soo comeiiiii :D

  6. ahhh,those were the days.

    i think i own a neopet too, back in college years.
    mesti da mati menggelupur da skrg T___T


  7. Yeay, thank u Aan ^_^