Thursday, November 27, 2008

Keeping up the waistline

We've been stuffing ourselves with ridiculous unhealthy food for the past few weeks that up to a point get tired of it. So we settled for a simple tuna sandwich last Monday.

So here I present you, tuna in sunflower oil with mayo and crisp salad sandwich! Hahaha nama tanak kalah okkkk

The partner in crime:

A whole can of tuna in sunflower oil - Drain the excess oil
A full pack of mix greens - Wash throughly
Cherry tomato - Sliced
Shallots - Diced (I think onion will be nicer but I don't have any in hands)
Mayonnaise - According to your taste, I used 3 tablespoon
A pinch of salt
2 bird's eye chili

Mix all together. I made two separate portions as MrComot don't fancy something spicy. So only me have the cili padi :P

Stack the greens and spread a handful of tuna

Serve with a cup of hot Milo and have it while watching Addicted To Love.

FYI, I am a nasi person (perut melayu sangat) and surprisingly, the sandwiches is enough for me that night (ohh although ada sedikit rasa tak puas hati, craving for icecream, but I tone it down with lotsa water :P).

A hearty filling for a change eh?

Ps: Ehhh korang perasan tak that I keep on promoting ATL? It's a local chinese drama shown in NTV7 and it's pretty good. The storyline is cute and entertaining. 10PM every Monday to Thursday.


  1. me suke tgk salad tu.. greeny yg mengiurkan.. haha

  2. my wife is a great cook :) she makes me sandwich almost every other day to bring to work :p hehehehe aan jgn jeles :D

  3. Aleeya, seriously sedap (haha perasan). Sedap sbb simple kut..sbb selalunya kita makan yg complicated mcm masak lemak tu kan

    Karlbum, you are soooo LUCKY!!! Wahhhh I wish I can do the same, at least for breakfast la. Hmmm challenge challenge :D

    BB, rajin la sangat. Most of the time makan luar je hehe