Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Hi all!!!!

I am quite busy at this moment tapi sangatlah itchy untuk mengupdate, how?

Btw, to warm things up, I want to announce to the world that I'm addicted to facebook now! Oklah what's new kan, but it is the PET SOCIETY okkkkk.

Seriously best giler hahahaha. Especially on the who got the biggest brainy thing. Mesti u nak kejar and keep up with your friends. (Shani, I just beat u mwahahahaha) *after all the hard work of course hahaha*

Btw, jom kita lawan Imran pulakkkk!! He is a hardcore one, how ah?

*thinking for any cheats *scratch* *scratch**

Oh ya, on another rant, do you know the bloggingsphere has new phenomenon currently? I found about this blog last week and it is really interesting haha. I think ramai dah tahu ni and ramai dah blog about it. Blog ni will attack org2 yg dia rasa perlu di attack and soo funny ok. The commenters DOUBLE funny! Gossip gossip: I have a feeling that the writer is a guy. Tell me your hunch :D

Whatever it is, to all bloggers, don't afraid to write ok? You are what you are ;)

Ok folks, calling calling for PET SOCIETY!! Tolong update your facebook :D


  1. another pet society addict!!

    ADD ME UP!!

  2. Added! Perghhh u dah 5k giler hardcore.

  3. Apa pasal nak lawan aku pulak?
    Apa aku buat.