Monday, December 14, 2009

Cuddle Time

Actually I wanted to write about my latest checkup last weekend, but since I have another checkup tomorrow, I'll summarize everything in one entry esok lah yer.

Btw, teringat pasal Sara's entry about what do you do during the "he and me time". I can't really recall it since we do almost everything together. Work together (he does his, I have mine, but we get to have breakfast, lunch, dinner together hehe), live the house with only two of us, doing groceries together, etc etc. So some how, it has nothing special anymore.

But currently both of us found new 'masa berdua'!

We will watch Big Bang Theory most of the nights before going to bed. Since both of us only free after 12 midnight (MrComot balik rumah pun buat kerja okkkk! But he does it on the bed, so I just browsing via my handphone while baring2), we will spent another 40 mins to watch 2 episodes of the series.

After Desperate Housewives, BBT is one of my holy grail series. It's freaking hilarious. It's about 4 super nerds (3 of them are doctors, PHD doc and theoretical physicist) and talk in Klingon language! Hahaha..mesti u guys pulak tak faham. By the way, I never watch full Star Trek saga and superman, so somehow 50% of the dialog, I really don't get it (even though MrComot download it with english subtitle), but sooner or later you get it.


rock - paper - scissor


rock - paper - scissor - lizard - Spock

Hahaha do you what is spock?

This is Spock LOL

I only know it after I ask MrComot. Oh ya..most of the time I will ask MrComot:

Apa maksud dia? Why he said like that? What is ____?

Since he can explain most of it, seems like MrComot also one of the geek, only minus the PHD lol.

Anyway we didn't manage to do it every other night, sometimes I was too sleepy or he was extremely tired and we give it a pass. BBT already at season 3 and we are at season 2 now hehe.

In any case you watch BBT, what's your favourite character? My fav will be baby deer - Dr Sheldon Cooper and Volowitz is a looser :P


  1. x lama lg masa bertiga.
    sure lagi super duper best dn penuh makna :)

    today my hubby away lagi.
    hari rabu baru blik.

  2. waaaa... i watch it too...mmg bes!

    i finished the whole first season in just one night... giler njoy tgk.. (adakah sbb aku nerd jugak).. haha..

    season 3 dah episod 10... cpt2 catch up :P~

    my favourite will be...Penny... coz smakin lama she's becoming like one of them...

    favourite moments: Penny-Sheldon moments esp. the "Soft Kitty" song Penny sings for SHeldon... she does that a few times dah skang... haha...

  3. majQa' ! tlhIngan maH!

    (dats klingon) go figure! :*

  4. MrsJaddo,
    Sabar yer..tuntutan kerja mcm tu. Me pray ur masa bertiga akan tiba as soon as possible :)

    I would like to declare you are a nerd too!! Hahaha OMG so excited knowing ada jugak org tgk citer ni but seriously, it's freaking hillarious hahaha. Yup yup penny pun so funny, but maybe I still at season 2, the centre of attention still Sheldon.

    Annnnnddd exactlyyyyyy, the soft kitty moment OMG LMAO hahaha. Guess what, MrComot like that song so much ok!! In fact, he always request me to sing that song! Like, WTH! hahahaha

    And I score once when sheldon said AFK and MrComot don't know about it. Hahaha..true MIRC chatters saja yg akan ingat those stuff :P

  5. ok translate time,

    "well done! we are klingons!"


    Hahah wish we can watch together, mesti gelak giler :P

    Ps: MrComot is drooling over their XPS specs. Do you? :P

  6. Tu la pasal... kitorg kt sini tertunggu2 je bila next episod nak kuar, sbb dah der tukang download nyer :P Rash pun among BBT addicts.

    mr.comot sungguh sheldonism okay, siap suh nyanyikan tuh... eh, u should sing soft kitty to ur baby nanti :D ~pur pur pur~ mwahahaha so kiut....

    haha AFK.. must be the episode penny start jadi game addict tu kan :P~

    seyes... droolss... tambah2 kan i use XPS too... but diorg nyer giler la upgrade2 gitu... tak tahannnn.... nerds are sooo coool and in thing aar skang :P~

    anything sheldon-ish, we call sheldonism or sheldonectomy :)) LOL

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