Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eco Friendly Xmas

We went to Jusco AU2 last weekend because it was under construction when I left Setiawangsa and I just wonder how it looks like. Surprisingly it's quite big but I still prefer JJ Wangsa Maju. And now they have Wangsa Walk, need to compete real tough. Anyway below is some random pictures..

Lunch that day, nasi ladna with honey dew bubble tea.

Their food court - very colourful and clean. I like the idea that you don't have to take the receipt and go pay at a specific counter. You can pay at the counter itself now. I don't what if this also applied to 'old jusco'.

And got free wifi! Everywhere got free access nowadays.

They don't use TM btw :P

The eco friendly decor - using egg cartons. It varies on location, I read that one Jusco is using mineral bottles as the decor. Not so sure where is it. Crafty but less exciting :P

Ps: Andes is already in holiday mood but will try to drag her ass writing as usual :D

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