Friday, May 7, 2010

The Cute Nap

The majlis kesyukuran went well but I still couldn't find the right time to write about it. We've been very busy and tell you what, Zahra got her first fever on that occasion ok. What a nice date you picked lah darling. The fever lasted until Wednesday and she's fully recovered on the Thursday morning.

We still didn't pack the carpet, push the sofas, chairs and whatnot yet to their place.

Anyway, MrComot had migration-thingy last night (until 6am!) and he get to book off today. I take annual leave as well as it's hard for me to go to work with Zahra alone (leaving Zahra with him is a no no hehe).

MrComot was sleeping in the room after Subuh and suddenly awake because of work (again!) and now is sleeping with Zahra in the hall on the 'unpacked' carpet.

Zahra rarely can sleep other than in her bed but I guess she's full to the brim and tired as well so she gives it a go. Can you see that they are holding hands? How sweeeeet.

Now leaving me only who wide awake, so I guess I have to do the chores, hmppphhh!

Ok darlings, will try update about the event later. Mwahhh!


  1. Saya terasa sleepy juga tgk Mr. Comot dgn Zahra tidur nyenyak ni, how?

    Kopi sechawan~

  2. alahai.. comelnya!!!!

    me tak sure la plak siapa yang comel ni

    zahra ke daddy dia...


  3. comel n sweet..ayah n anak pegang2 tgn wkt tido...;)

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  5. Cik Kopi, wish me can join them that time, tapi banyak kerja nak kena buat la pulak huhu

    Statement bahaya tu hahahaha

    Pegang kejap je rupanya cess. Lepas me update je blog tu, ayah dia pusing belah kiri pulak. Tangan ntah ke mana, cute pun ntah ke mana :))

    Hehe anything pasal budak kecik mmg comel kan :P