Monday, May 31, 2010

My tottilla is now Malaysian!

Finally, I could steal a breath to update this blog. So many happens this few days (which includes my car gotten into accident!) that I can't juggle what to write.

Anyway, my little one got her first MyKid! Now she is officially Malaysian!

Do you notice the binari IC number? Hehehe..only behind is not 0 or 1. If we registered after another 2 people, we will get all 0 and 1! Tough luck.

Oh ya, yesterday was my birthday and I still didn't claim any gift from MrComot. Not that we really give presents to each other, but since he insisted, why not? Hehehe. Come to think, he owes me THREE gifts - push present (I learnt from Tatty, tenkiu! :D) + anniversary + birthday.

Hmmmhmmhmmm what should I request? Considering 3 occasions in 1, I can ask for something posh and lavish aight? Hahaha..kidding. All I want is more years to come hands in hands with MrComot *insert schlopppyy kissess here*


  1. salam,

    Lah tatau pun your befday...

    HEPI BELATED BEFDAY AAN. moga menjadi isteri mithali dan ibu penyayang seantero dunia... amin~

    claim jgn tak claim :P

  2. salam,
    Happy Belated Besday!!

    Setahun sekali mesti kena tuntut heheh..

  3. when did your car got into an accident? Kasihannya~

  4. happy belated birthday aan..
    push present is MUST HAVE!

  5. aiseh...hari isnin ku sangat bz
    x tersangka sama besday sama ayah aku

    hepi belated besday
    mg dberkati umurnya
    dmurahkan rezekinya
    dperhebat peribadinya
    dpermudah urusan hariannya
    dramaikan lagi zuriat yg soleh dan solehah

  6. Tatty,
    Aminn..tenkiu hehe yup wajib claim!

    Thanks..tengah fikir2 nak tuntut apa ni :P

    Long story :( a bad one but not me driving

  7. Deeda,
    Thanks. YUP!!! Birthday present dimaafkan lagi but PUSH sangat wajib hahaha

    Sama eh? Wish ur dad for me k. Aminnn aminnn..thankss! :D

  8. aqil br je dpt mykid..sbb pak die br p amik..haha..