Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let them be

After discussing with hubby and friends, I've decided to let the entry as it is. We did what is right to our family and they know nothing about it, so if they choose to be ignorant about it, just let them be.

Anyway, thanks for all the input and I really appreciate it. Normal entries will resume in short ;)


  1. Hi Aandes!
    Lama x jenguk tup2 ur blog dah smpai international ya dear. congrats!.

    Just let them be. Suka pulak tengok comment diorang yg ntah apa2 tu. Owh. i pun dah sunatkan Kaisya, last 2 weeks!.

  2. Salam,

    You go girl!
    Let the dogs bark. The hill will still stand...

    Cepat update, bosan tader bahan bacaan kat opis nie :P

  3. em lantak diorg je aan..diorg tak tau agama kita ckp byk pulak..buh gamba zahra byk2 k pasni..;)

    p/s:wah dah sampai oversea blog u..

  4. Ibu Kaisya,
    Wahhh Kaisya pun dah big girl! COngrats! Haa biar la mat saleh tu mcm la derang paham

    Hahaha..kann daripada me pening layan depa baik me update banyak2

    Sampai sana utk entry tu saja, takde maknanya. Tu la, bukan depa paham pun