Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zahra's Party - Not so Happy Part

Here is the promised entry, about majlis kesyukuran kelahiran Zahra Elena. The event went well, only that star of the day fell sick abruptly! We still don't know why she had her fever that day, but I guess budak-budak macam tu lah. Nak demam, demam sajaaaaaa..

It started on the day itself, Sunday morning around 5am when suddenly I awake and look at Zahra, within a blink of an eye Zahra vomited out in her sleep! I was freaking out, widely awake and quickly lift her up. I pat her back slowly and after a while she fell asleep. Around 6am, again she vomited out, also in her sleep. This time also I was sleeping and tiba-tiba rasa nak terbangun. OMG, I was amazed ok, I mean, it's like a miracle to me, how come I rasa nak terbangun and at the same time Zahra muntah. I guess it's maternal instinct.

I feel uncomfortable because it is the first time Zahra vomit like that, the whole milk came out like a waterfall. But she seems ok and still sucking normally. By 8am, I notice her body temperature is a bit high so I quickly put damped towel on the forehead and do other chores.

Around 10am she started to get cranky and crying. I thought she was upset because I left her in the morning (MrComot and I went to florist to take flowers) and she just being mengada-ngada, but around 1130 when the event about to started, pak imam and friends baca Yassin, she cried her heart out. I planned to bring her out to the hall where people reciting the Yassin but the moment I lift her and put her on my lap, she started twisting her body and cry. All she wanted that time is latching on my boob.

After a while she gets a bit better so I put her on the cotton mattress where my friends get to see and hold her. But all she did was lying helplessly weak. Then I know she's really not well.

On the afternoon when people are cramping in, her fever seems to be higher and she's not her usual self. She's extremely weak that she didn't bother to move, only letting out soft cries and her eyes keep looking above her head (something like rolling up but I don't want to admit it) that I know something is very not right with her! I was so nervous thinking it might be minor seizure and quickly undress and bathe her. The eyes back to normal after that and I keep on sponging her and feed her directly, holding her so close to me.

Until now I ain't dare to think what really happen that day. It's too scary for me to imagine or flashback. My hunch is saying she is this close to have a fit, thank God she hadn't.

Started to bend her neck and 'look above'

Cries softly only :(
Normally she will get angry and push the bottle when I tried to feed her with bottle at home

It's heart-wrenching to see Zahra lies weakly like this.

By the way, we went to the clinic the next day and stuff her fever syrup (the thick sweet orange liquid, forgot the name though). It took her 3 days to fully recover. Oh ya, according to the doc, fever will always come with vomit for infants. Another reason for your child to vomit if she has gas in her stomach.

On a brighter note, all the pictures were taken by my colleague, nice is it? He's using D700 with 50mm 1.4 lens. I didn't have to chance to snap any pictures on my own and I'm glad I didn't. Else maybe I was too busy with myself and ignoring Zahra :(

Ps: Zahra, sorry ok, mommy try to be more alert after this and will give my best to take care of you.


  1. me want more pictures of Zahra!

  2. Hehehe..why dont u come over and main2 with Zahra, can stare at her as long as u want :P

    Ps: Nnt me buat lemon rosemary chicken ok (berangan sangat! :P)

  3. ala siannya zahra..sakit ye..