Monday, May 17, 2010

Miracle Sleep

Miracle happens today! Zahra Elena finally decides to sleep other than on our bed and stroller (while moving). She sleeps in car seat today! I've been training her to be in the car seat quite some times, and as always she prefers to be on my lap (or on my boobs to be exact). It started with 15mins, then goes up up half an hour and 45mins. But I rarely leave her in the car seat too long because our journey normally just a bit above 1 hour and I will still manja2 her to be on my lap.

She always refused to sleep on the other than her two fav places even though she's very sleepy. All she does is fight the heavy eyes and be cranky instead. Anyway today I decided to put her a bit longer and she dozed off! It's either she's really fine with the new place to sleep, or just too sleepy to fight it, I don't know. Whatever it is, good girl!

On the way to exit Jalan Duta

Anyway, I still don't have the heart to let her sleep through, so halfway, I gently woke her up and let her sleep on my lap :D

On the other note, she had her 4-months checkup last Friday - the triple antigen jab + last shot of rotavirus vaccination. She took it well, no fever at all, Alhamdulillah. She's 6.1kg and 62cm long! She's really long I tell you. According to the growth chart, she's 90% on the length and 50% on the weight.

Below is a couple of her pictures at the clinic.

While waiting for her turn.
I told you she doesn't like to be carried. She keeps on wriggling until I have to put her on the clinics' sofa, and let her play by herself ish ish ish

And gave her prettiest pose of the day!

Anyway she still drinks very little (to me), about 6oz (a breakdown of 2oz x 3 feeds) and that explains why my stock is abundant. I'm a bit worried actually but as long as she keep on growing and healthy, should be ok lah kan?

Happy 4 months Zahra Elena! You have another jab awaiting for you next month hehehe..


  1. hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

  2. zahra.. anak 1st mmg manje, mcm auntie ni la :) sokay.. buli mama awak..

  3. comelnya..meh nak kiss kiss skit..

  4. Cantik ke cik kopi? Zahra sends hugs :D

    A'ah anak sulung mmg manja hehehehe

    Baby mmg comel. Besar2 nnt harap2 comel jugak, jgn macam mommy dia ni hehehe

  5. Oh my gawd! She's soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!

  6. u, i nk tanyer, car seat tuh u beli kt mn? brand aper?

    i dh ader, tp my dear punyer, cam x best. so plan nk beli yg baru la

    share ek u beli kt mane, n the price :)

  7. Hi Dayah, I bought dekat babyjaya ( tapi I bought time sale, around RM500 rasanya. Kalau u nak beli yg ni, sekarang littlewhiz ada buat promotion RM539 ( Tapi kena check dengan ur car ok ke tak, sebab hari tu kedai tu cakap depends on car as well, sebab ada yg belt size tak sama kan. This one ok utk msian car. We use in wira and kelisa. And very easy to use ;)