Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pasta Fiesta

This is an old event, about 2 months ago. We had some makan-makan with my little brother and his wife in Fullhouse Giza, and it is the second time I was there. The first time was with my MIL and I am star-struck with the pasta, hence the second visit.

The menu book

The entrance

The inside boutique, upstairs. They have some clothing line (it's more like Korean style) and you can buy anything u fancy!

I found Fullhouse is full of character. The deco is cute and the food is decent. Some are awesome, but it's awesome in simpleness. Not elaborated. Simple and yummy.

Mushroom soup with toasted almond flakes. Yum!

My all time favourite - Spicy vongole pasta (spaghetti with clams, I asked for aside chili flakes so I can adjust the spiciness). Anyway it's very simple, clams, olive oil, some herbs but yummilicious!

Deep fried soft shell crab with wasabi+mayo dip. YUM also.

This is my SIL's - baked dory with tau miu I think. I don't like tau miu with western dish hehe

Pasta al-fungi. Another scorer. Serious sedap..simple je, spaghetti with few types of mushroom. Dalam hati cakap, hmmpphh I also can cook like this, but helooo..masalahnya I buat tak jadi macam ni :P

Creme brulee yg super sweet (I don't like!) and profiteroles for dessert. It's a creampuff with vanilla sauce. This is a hit! The puff so airy and fluffy and the sauce hmmm hmmmmm *makan sambil tutup mata*. I'm going to learn to make this :D

This is MrComot's, carbonara. I don't quite like it.. I prefer other versions.

Zahra was so cheeky that night, she figured out that she can lift her shirt and pull it out from the head and keep on doing it! I had to say no no no and 're-shirt' her again and again. She will laugh at me and lift it up again. I was so angry that time because I don't want her to catch cold but now looking at it, it was so funny!

Her in the boutique, trying the wool hat. I don't know what we call it..but in trend kan for Koreans. If only they got in smaller size, I definitely will buy for her. She likes it so much.

Us in front of the restaurant, with their icons. Was 4 months pregnant that time :D

Overall, I love the place, the food is nice and the service is fast. The only draw back is, I find the menu is a bit limited. I don't know what to order on my next visit..it'll be vongole or fungi pasta again and again. And profiteroles hehe. Oh ya, their tiramisu has liquor but they didn't mention it on the menu. You can always ask the waiter/waitresses.


  1. pasta fungi tu nmpk yummeh! tp fullhouse terkenal dgn makanan yg mahal tp portion yg sikitkan?

  2. hah ada liquor..cam dh termakan jerk...aippp

  3. Mommy Fara,
    Now come to think of it, a'ah the portion quite small. For small eater just nice kut, but my hubby cakap he needs 3 plates! Haha

    Tak tahu takpe :D Selalunya tiramisu ada liquor sbb original recipe mcm tu. Just depends on the place letak ke tak.