Friday, March 16, 2012

My Jakun Pwincess

Dah lama tak update pasal Zahra :)

She's all well, in the middle of flushing out the steroid and adjusting to the normal body. The process will take about 6 months. I'll story about that later.

So yeah..she's all fine. But kesian dia, sebab dia sakit hari tu, we stopped all the outdoor activity including going to the park! I canceled all the bird park, aquaria, plan..yeah..all the fun thing that kids should do, because her immune system was very low that time and we don't want to risk her.

So now that she's about 3 months off from prednisolone, we start to bring her to the playground on the weekend.

The first outing was on last two week when I was on leave (on Monday) because Zahra got bad diaper rash and she scratch it sampai berdarah-darah and everytime she pees, she will cry because of pain. So in the evening, I brought her out to the playground and kesiaaaaaannnnn anak mommy, she seems a bit afraid with the environment. She refused to play with the swing even though I want to put her on my lap and swing together.

Instead, she holds my hand and ask me to chase the birds! Haha

So on the second week, which is last week, we brought her again and this time she braved herself and look at her, so happy!

Finally berani naik swing. And she refused to stop ok! Well, dah agak la's her first time, and swing is FUN!

Can you spot the 2 strollers behind? Yeay dah ada 2 stroller hehe. I'm so happy because senang. Sebelum ni I wear Emir, and Emir in a phase suka lonjak2 badan skrg, susah sikit.

Sliding! Look at her face. Itu muka control malu-malu sebab daddy suruh tengok camera and smile. She went like this - nganga mulut control nak senyum haha

Serious sangat terharu ok. Kesian Zahra tak biasa pegi playground. Rasa nak menangis pun ada *drama mommy*. Now we plan to bring her to playground every weekend, insyaAllah..bukan jauh pun, jalan for few minutes only. And the plagyround is quite clean, so it's a plus point there.

And guess what the little brother doing?

Munching on the frog!

Have an exciting weekend everyone!


  1. She's having fun! :) hope she get better soon

  2. normal for toddler yang not used to new environment.once dah get used, nampak je dah nak pergi....

    flush all the steroid zahra!!such a strong lil girl =)

  3. Ololololo....suke betul Zahra bile dpt men kat playground....Aydin pun skg nie excited klu g playground. Tu pun sorang jakun gak. Hahahah!

  4. aqil dlu pn skrg suka bukan main klu dpt main swing..smp xmau balik..haha..