Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crying baby

My entries will still be about Zahra Elena. I have another 'non-baby' entries but cudn't write about it as my lappy can only dload pics frm my handphone via bluetooth. Kalau pakai cable camera terus hang! So dengar je la pasal babies sampai muntah :P

We still having problem coping with this budak kecik. Because she refuses to sleep at night! Kalau tak tidur tapi tak nanges takpe la jugak but she always I don't really know what to do. During the day ok la pulak, everytime after I feed her, zasss terus fall asleep.

We tried everything we could during the night including over fed her! That was the worst night ever la. That night we thought she was hungry so we keep on giving her milk (direct and bottle) sampai kembung2 and in the end she fell asleep but maybe after too tired of crying. The next day she pooped like nobody business, memang terlebih makan! My poor baby, sorry mommy didn't know! So now we know her pattern a bit, she will keep on latching everytime you feed her if she feels uncomfortable. It's like she finds comfort via drinking! So it's quite tacky to know either she's really hungry or just feeling cranky. But I did it last night!

Concidently one of the relatives came for a visit and gave us this book as a gift.

Thank you uncle Udin & Auntie Mimi!

It's a very good book indeed. There is no manual in raising a child but the guidance is there and you have to have faith in yourself. Like the tips below:

Taken from crying section. Click for larger view (sorry the word is not that clear but still readible, using handphone :( )

I read this section last night at 5AM while pumping my milk (oh do you know that you'll get more milk from 12AM - 6AM because prolaktin hormone is very high that time) and after that Zahra suddenly cried, so I tried the #5 tip.

Have confidence
Your level of confidence in your parenting skills affect the way you handle your baby - she can sense when you are unsure and tense. So tell yourself that your techniques for soothing her will work. Be positive.

Normally if she wakes up at weird hour I will simply stuff her with my boobies and get tensed because I know she isn't hungry. In the end it will take me more than one hour to soothe her back to sleep. So last night, I know she wasn't hungry because I already fed her around 4AM, so confidently I just lift her a bit and ask her "Why sayang? Sayang rasa tak selesa ke? Mommy change tempat tidur ok", change her position of sleeping, tuck her back in the blanket, sing her 'twinkle twinkle little star' while patting her chest and guess what, she's back sleeping! In less than 5 minutes! Wahh mak impress ok. With myself LOL.

And another thing about her, she doesn't like her cot! Penat ok mommy and daddy pegi beli, siap pegi warehouse lagi, tanakkkkkk tido dalam tu. She will make noises and will only stop when we place her on my bed. I guess she loves mommy's smell. Maybe we can train her later, to be in the cot.. For now bagi dia chance dulu to manja-manja with mommy.

The deserted baby cot

Her #1 fav place - next to mommy.

I love love love to have her by myside but scary a bit case I terpenyek dia ke..tertido atas tangan dia ke..haishhh mintak simpang.

Her #2 fav - at living hall on her kekabu mattress, on the floor

Maybe she feels hot or stuffy inside the cot, I still have to figure out about that. For now, we need to tackle her sleepless night first.

So how's ur baby's pattern? Hopefully semua ok and if not, only one word that I can offer (including to myself) - SABAR ok :)


  1. Goodness me~ zahra ni memang suka tidur angkat tangan. Tanda surrender ye mummy?

  2. my mom selalu ckp,
    mmg baby x mau tido asing dgn selalu nk dlm pelukan mommy...and lagipun mommy kan bau susu.tu psal baby suka..
    my mom said,i xde pengalaman :)

  3. my baby pun mcm tu. masa awal2 dia lahir asyik nangis malam. daytime tak susah nk bg tido. tapi bila dah masuk minggu ketiga, dah tak ada problem. nangis sikit2 nak susu tu biasa la.

    stress jugak at first tapi bila kita dah faham pattern baby kita, Insya-Allah boleh handle.

  4. Salam,

    Ewan dulu, mmg me tido kapit dengan dia. lepas setengah jam atau berjam (sbb me pun terlelap sama) me or ZwanZwan akan angkat letak dia dalam cot. kena ajar slow-slow...

    mmg penat bila nak susukan dia pepagi buta, angkat, susu, kapit, tido, pindah balik... tapi nak ajar kenalah susah disiang hari, mudah dimalam hari... (i really mean 'malam hari' *wink *wink)

    bukan apa, wanita ni, lepas jadi ibu, dia terlupa nak jadi isteri...
    isk isk isk...

  5. my 'baby' & i sleep separately so agak susah nak tau dia nye sleeping pattern..huhuhu.

    zahra tak suka ada barrier2 kot.. panas *pandai2 je me :P

  6. me, sama ngan tatty, hehehehe...
    lepas dia dah terlelap.. gi letak dlm cot..

  7. @Vanilla Latte - saya lepas kawin, dalam 1 week jugak nak tido lena sbb sering terkejut ada orang lelaki tido sebelah :P

  8. aqil pn suka tido kalau blh bawah ketiak..haha..sll maria bg die tido dlu n letak atas tilam die..maria pn still belajar mcmn nak jg baby sbb aqil suka jg mlm tido siang tp alhamdulillah skrg kurang skit berjaga mlm still mcm zombie..hehe..

  9. Ann...

    HUHU...bila nak gi tengok zahra ni...x sabar nak gi tengok...reena n shani dah pegi tengok kan???huhuhuhu..

  10. cik kopi,
    dia nak keringkan ketiak dia, panassss

    hehe tu think babies can smell the mommy n they feel secured

    exactly, after 4w zahra mcm dah ok sket..malam tido straight sampai pagi, tak payah susu byk2, kalau bgn pun me feed sikit je sambil baring. lega!

  11. tatty,
    good advice hehe. betul tu ramai terlupa nak jadi cuba sedaya upaya :p

    gedik. haha tatty lagi laaaa. seminggu stret ke

    lepas tido me letak dlm cot, terus bgn balik. mebi me can try letak after dia deep sleep

  12. m@ri@,
    first time parent mmg mcm ni kut, sama2 la kita belajar. sometimes tension jugak, tapi lepas tgk muka budak cinonet tu sejukkk je

    hg mmg ketinggalan ketapi ok. shani ngan rena dah mai la..takpa, kalau aku buat kenduri maila nnt