Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan mishap

I was in emotional turmoil last weekend with Japan unfortunate earthquake and tsunami. They were hit by the biggest earthquake ever recorded in Japan 9.0 and the tsunami hit them at 30 feet! Can you imagine?

It is winter now with still 0 degrees, and they have no electricity, no water, no house to live! And to add salt into the wound,their two nuclear power plant leaked!

Even their Sendai airport pecah and..OMG, seriously I can't imagine. It's like the whole city is wiped out into nothing and dah la derang ni modern, tiba2 hilang mcm tu je. Bukan flood biasa2, semua pecah. And I was touched by their minister's speech 'let's start rebuild everything now' *cried*

My deepest condolence goes to all the victims and stay strong ok. And ya Allah ya tuhanku, ringankan lah beban mereka. Limpahkan rahmat pada mereka, hanya Kau yg maha mengetahui.


  1. sedih kan? i asik imagine if it happens to us..

  2. oh aan...i was totally shocked as well.I am more concern about the helpless child and orang tua..hat more worried is the nuclear radiation...i hope they will all safe...from the radiation.

  3. MariaHafiz,
    Sama asyik teringat kalau jadi kat kita..ish tak leh imagine, kesian derang :(

    Yup, worried about the radiation too. Kesian's like their second world war II