Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hoora Hooray at Pangsun, Hulu Langat

We went to Bamboo Camp, Pangsun for small family day for my department last weekend. This is our first time going to a waterfall with Zahra Elena. Both of us not a waterfall person. We are more beach person. I don't fancy waterfall because I hate leeches and maggots (and I know there are a lot in the water especially on the stones, it's just I can't see it) and MrComot because he is city-man like that :P

I'm not sure the waterfall's name but I think Lepok..if not mistaken. Since it is family day, we didn't hike to the top, just camp at the stream and enjoy the cold water.

Settling for a place.

Last time I went to a waterfall was 2 years ago in Lata Tembakah, when we went back to Terengganu.

I was expecting a normal stream but guess what, the current is so strong! That you can see it's almost whitish instead of calm water. They even put a long rope across the stream so that you can hold onto it while diving. Not you can, you have to! Kalau tak memang dibawa arus la.

The water not too deep, up to your chest for man and maybe the shoulder for average girl.

Moms with kids settle for sideways

The food was awesome. Eating by the waterfall make it more awesome. There are nasi lemak, sardine sandwich (Zahra had a lot of this!), white rice, mango salad, mashed potato, salad, jellies, and of course what a camping without BBQ right?

The ultimate food

Marinated chicken wings and lamb shoulder. Yum!

We also had kembong and pari (sting ray) bakar. The lamb shoulder is accompanied with black pepper sauce and the the fish is with bawang + cili padi + kicap. Double yum!

Zahra with her chicken wing

Zahra and daddy on the swing

Another view of the stream. Even though the current is strong, there is no deep slope, and full of big rocks. So what the guys did was, sliding the stream. The went to the furthest starting point and let themselves loose, carried by the current to the end point, macam main slide tu. Ouch! I can imagine being hit by the rocks but..yeah, it is fun. That's what people for for fun :D

We also had sukaneka in the morning, divided into 4 color group and MrComot and I were in Green team. We reached quite late but MrComot managed to play one game, Jalan Atas Bata and we won! Yeayy! In fact, Green team got first place for overall. Feel the Sting! - Green Hornet :P

Zahra also dressed in green. Anyway this is her around 3PM. Look at her eyes, she supposed to have nap time at 1PM and Zahra being Zahra, refused to sleep if she's not in her normal place (ie: car, our house).

There is a clean and proper hut, so I breastfed her there, siap landing like at home, but still, she refused to sleep and forcing her eyes to stay open. But she had been a very good baby. Even though she was that sleepy, she didn't get cranky, only very clingy want to be with me.

We went back around 4PM and the moment we hit the car, terus doze off ok. Tak payah bf haha. Zahra..zahra.. A few other kids had their nap time easily.. ya lah..sedap kan..sejuk2..dengar bunyi air lagi.

Zahra the green hornet! This is an old dress, supposed to fit her up til 9 months, but she didn't have any other green dress/shirt, so I pair it with a legging to be like a top.

It was a very fun outdoor activity because knowing us, we won't go to waterfall just by the two of us hehe. But not so fun really because I didn't get to play with the water! Not at all ok. Rasa rugi pulak. First because I don't want to expose Zahra to any leeches (haha I'm that paranoid) and second because MrComot didn't allow me to! This one I will reveal later why :)

Anyway MrComot also didn't swim, dia cakap tak teringin. City boy!


  1. comella zahra..biasala budak kt tmpt yg xbiasa,ramai org buat ope nk tido kan..??I pun ada bw Raif main sungai..kat sungai gabai je pun..menangis..ngada2..trs jd xseronok

  2. ala bestnya..dah lama tak g waterfall..maria suka waterfall lg..;)

  3. hehehehe...zahra sgt comel....ouh, saya pun tak suke waterfall...tatau nape tp tak bape nak suke!

  4. Fitri,
    Hehe tu la derang ni..excited sangat, sanggup tahan mata tu. Rajinnya korang picnic. Lepas ni plan nak pegi bird park :D

    Air waterfall mmg best..sejuk and cuaca pun always nyaman sbb hutan kan, tapi me tak reti appreciate sgt. Me mmg pantai person hehe.

    Mommy Fara,
    Hehe tu la..ikut org. Dulu me selalu buat survey, waterfall or pantai. Me think ada kaitan ngan personality, tapi survey tu takde la come out with conclusion pulak :P

  5. sampai nak juling mata zahra yg comel menahan ngantoknya mummy~

    tapi still sangat comel!

  6. xda no fon ke g ctu