Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sleepy Pwincess

My baby is extremely sleepy today that she doesn't want to wake up and decided to sleep all the way, even when I carried her to downstairs, changed her diaper, carried her to the car and she still sleeping! This is her first time behaving like this, I even put my hands on her chest to check on her breathing hehe. I guess she's just tired because my MIL brought her outside walking last night.

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  1. alahaiii tian kat zara ;)

    budak budak kecik jer, budak besar pon kalau penat sangat, tido kalau letak boom sebelah pon tak pasan.


  2. oh i wish my azryl is like that.Senang i nak angkut dia dalam cinema/heheheh.Dah lama banget tak jenguk gsc u know.sob...sob...

  3. heheheheh...bile lak turn aydin nak sleepy mcm nie eh? mmm....

  4. uli-uli zahra yang sleepy sampai lebam *hiks*