Thursday, March 24, 2011

Garden Restaurant, MidV

Nak blog, banyak cerita, tapi tatau nak start mana. Wahh rhymes tak.

Anyway, I captured this pictures yesterday at MidV from Level 2 while waiting for my friend buying some gadget. It's Garden restaurant facing out towards The Gardens mall. It was warm afternoon and the lighting was awesome.

Using my camera phone make it more awesome because you know lah camera phone, takde enough light sikit jadi blur2 mcm ni hahaha.

Pretty kan?

Ohh we didn't eat here, so no review from this branch (I wrote one review at The Curve). Anyway I had awesome claypot mushroom chicken rice for lunch from the food court. Yummy! And now teringin the famous portugese grill from oasis food court. If only MidV is my office *sigh*

I know this entry is so not me..but looking for some blogging spirit here. Come come baby!


  1. Salam,

    1st month I'm here... WAH HEAVEN!!!
    2nd month... ok la... syok la...
    3rd month... hm? oh mv!
    4th month.... hm~
    5th month... m~
    6th month... ~
    7th - present

    takder trill dah...

  2. dah lama tak g mid valley..oh rindu pulak..hehe..

  3. dulu little penang duk situ kan?

    nway, lalink ur office dah dekat apa ngn MV :)

    tatty, tell me about it, me yg jarang2 gi office kt MV tu pun malasnya nak pegi sana. makan satu hal, nak cari parking tuu masalah UTAMA! huhu.

  4. Tatty,
    Me think mcm tu pun. Now me tak duduk sana galak gedik la nak keja kat mall haha

    Mommy Fara,
    Chaiyok2 blogging ke makan? :P

    Jangan la pegi time weekend hehehe. Parking hazab sgt

    A'ah used to be LP. Dekat..tapi malas sebab parking la. Mmg menyakitkan hati :P