Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just another love note

I was hungry, want to eat
He drove me to Pusat Islam
I feel like to black out, and can't walk
He parked and waited until I said ok while rubbing my back
I said I want to vomit and need a plastic bag
He ran to the nearest stall asking for plastic bag and bring back two
But I didn't use any
Then I said, I still can't walk and have no appetite
He said it's ok, we can tapau, he ran back to the stall and buy some food
I sms-ed him telling I also want hot Milo
He returned back with only food in hand and I asked, 'Eh Milo takde? I sms you'
He said, 'Ops, my hands were full just now, tak check sms', and he ran back to the nearest stall to buy the drinks
He drove back to the office with two bungkus nasik
Had lunch at his working desk and I fell asleep there
Woke up an hour later, feeling much better

Dear hubby, thanks to you, for everything.


  1. luving..wish that my hubby to be pun mcm tu..rumantis n sweet..anyway dah ade berita gumbira ke?

  2. Aww, that is so schweet...

    You know all the angels in the Heavens above started to weep pearl teardrops when they read this masterpiece of literature rivaled by only the hymns of pink unicorns gliding through the rainbow! Mere mortals with terminal diseases soon heal when they are chanted with poem!

    OK laa I am just being funny and sarcastic. Continue your good work :)

  3. Salam,

    Eh, pening-pening.. loya-loya.. muntah-muntah?
    Jeng jeng jeng... dah ada penghuni didalam ke Aan?


  4. fuh..fuh...
    masin laa mulut me utk org ngidam ketam ni..mwahahaa..

    clap clap for mr.comot...sangat caring ok..

  5. Maria, thanks for the sweet words. Org laki ni mcm2 ragam. Ada certain day je dia baik haha. Btw, no good news yet ;)

    Asroll, that's not a poem la idiot hahaha. Obviously I was in the mood of writing but tak larat okkk nak tulis time tu. So tulis pendek2. It's not even rhymed! Ok whatever~ :D

    Lalink, thanks. U'r blessed too. Take good care of him and urself too ok?

    Tatty, belum ada la hehehe. Kita plan sama2 kan next year. Aminnnnn

    Khairiah lalink, nnt after ur big day MrLampard pun will be like that *me cannn seee u tersengih2!* :P