Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Morning Greeting

I am greeted by something unfamiliar this morning. Minus the messiness of course. My desk always like that, no kidding. It's not dirty ok, just messy. I can tidy it up but somehow, it's weird to have a neat working place. Hahaha. That's just me. I will try to change the habit (one of resolution).

Please excuse the sarang-tikus-wannabe.

Ok back to the unfamiliar thing. So I quickly walked to my place and see what I saw (haha betul ke ni?)


I was like, "perlu ke?"

Hahaha. I wonder how many colleagues have seen this, since my arrival is rather late.

It's a bit embarrasing, but I know he's trying to be cute. Whatever it is, I will always love him, no matter what.

*blueeghhhh* hahahaha


  1. ahahahahaa...
    mr.comot pun dah makin mental semenjak berkecimpung dgn cik kakak aan yang tantek ittew....

    kenot imagine ur kids nanti macammane?
    arghhhh...TIDAKKKK!! ;)

  2. motiffff??? hahahaha.
    cannot imagine la what happen when both u dah kawen nnt hahahaha

  3. Aleeya, me rasa mcm cute jugak..tapi me malu 55% haha.

    Khairiah, jgn nak imagine lebih2 hahaha. My kids of cos will be mental too but be a good muslim and person, aminnnnnn

    Bee, that's why, motiffff?? Me pun mcm nak pitam ok. Ntah2 after kawen so boring hahaha. Manalah tahu ada org mcm tu kan, before kawen beriya2 ni. Hopefully not laaa :P