Saturday, January 8, 2011

Over The Sea

We are on the way to langkawi!

Was too busy this few days and almost forgot about it can? Actually we planned this vacation since last year, to celeberate Zahra's 1st birthday! Haha mengada la la, it's because mmg we want to have a vacation and thinking it will be nice if it's during her birthday since it's off-peak right?

Anyway, time nak jalan2 ni la mcm2 jadi. Zahra's rabbit teeth is peeking out, making her discomfort and merengek2, and suddenly she has a slight fever last night, complete with hingus. Please please baby don't fall sick..

And not to mention MrComot's server suddenly down (he and work is inseparable), and my server pun ada queue tinggi pulak this morning. Haishhhh.. And both of us are not well rested. All we need is sleep, takkan pegi langkawi all the way to sleep.

And Air Asia buat hal pulak, which I will narrate later.

What a time la, to have all these on a plate.

By the way, I'll coming back on Tuesday. Hopefully we have a good vacation, wish us luck! You guys have a great weekend yahh

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  1. jgn lupa jumpa me bila dah balik KL nnt :P

  2. airasia kalau tak buat hal, itu bukan airasia :)

  3. maria pun baru balik dr langkawi..;)

  4. Bee,
    Lambat lagi la haha. Kalau u tak bz :P

    Memang! Dah nak murah, terpaksa la redha hehe

    Vacation ni penat, so tak yah jeles sgt :P

    Kebetulan pulak! baru notice aqil kena bronchitis, how is he? Nnt me beep at fb.

    Coli pekerja hotel tu :D