Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What I want for 2011

Ok, this going to be a very material entry ha ha ha.

Time sure flies so fast. It is already 2011 and I was like, 'whattt? What have I achieved in 2010?'. Somehow I feel a bit empty. My life has been a bit stagnant, minus raising the little one. Not that I'm complaining, it's just I need to do something big, gotten second degree? Or learn Japanese? Or do some online business? I don't know..just something that I feel.

Anyway I decided to make few checklist so that I can keep on track what I want to have/achieve in 2011. Here it goes.. For 2011, I want:

1) A colour printer
Because I want to print a lot of arty stuff. Ok, I know c-r-a-z-y.

2) A sewing machine
Because I feel like sewing and I know I still can sew without the machine, but I want the machine. So yeah, here it is.

3) A breadmaker

Same comment like the sewing machine above :P

4) Second diamond ring
The only diamond ring I have is, my wedding ring and I am too sayang to wear it because it's priceless to me. So I want second diamond ring, which will be bigger but with lower grade, so it will be cheaper and I can wear it daily. Yeahh cakap macam orang kaya! Hmmphhhh.. On a second thought, I don't want lah because I am not that kaya *nanges*

5) An oversea trip

My last oversea trip was in 2008 (2 years ago!) and I need to go somewhere, tak kisah la mana2..asalkan oversea. Boleh? Haha. No la..actually I plan to conceive maybe end of this year, or next year, so it will be great if I can have a gateway before committing to another child. Hmm...

6) A wooden swing

I love love love wooden swing and want it so much for my porch so that I can swing with Zahra Elena petang2

7) And I want cute utensils for my kitchen, owl tea cup, fancy bobadum toaster, pop-corn machine, etc etc etc.

Haha I told you this going to be very material. Not that I'm going to get all of that, just something that cross my greedy mind ;)

Anyway this is what I really NEED to do instead:

1) Finish my entry on Japan trip in 2008
2) Finish album compilation on the honeymoon trip
3) Finish making my pregnancy journal with Zahra Elena. I already collect all the material but it's there..like a year ago. And my baby is almost 1 year! *sigh*
4) Edit all the honeymoon trip videos and upload them in youtube
5) Print the wedding pictures
6) Make 2010 album book
7) Kemas bilik art (the 3rd bedroom). MrComot said I can get my sewing machine if I tidy up the room. It's full of my so-called art stuff hehehe
8) Start my online business, like for real. Not really for profit, but because I am making abundant hairclips now. Might as well sell them and at the same time can sharpen my craftiness state of mind ha ha ha.
9) Settle my PTPTN issue, so that I can go to oversea *blueghhhhh*
10) GAIN WEIGHT! Ok, I really need to do this, or we can't start thinking about 2nd child. I have to be fit and in my ideal weight before I can carry another human being in me. And I don't look good in my outfit anymore and MrComot says I look like a tiang lampu! Hmmpphh!
11) Pray better. Maybe I can start train myself to add the sunat sebelum dan selepas in my daily prayer. I mean, I've been praying for like..over 15 years, with no improvement. 15 freaking years man! I'm like, wasting my life while God still cherishing me. I am such a bad khalifah.

Wow, that's going to take a lot of effort from me. Wish me luck!


  1. dah nak bagi Zahra adik next year?


  2. me also nak pengsan..to handle one todller is such a big drama to me , to add another one next year...ohohoho.....I never thought of that yet.

    Anyway dear wish u luck and i love the bread maker too!!heheheh

  3. bebeh, kalau u have hairclips for sale, do let me know.. i'll be ur customer :) shayang awak

    an oversea trip? at least u've been to japan.. i belum pernah lagi ke mana2.. :(

  4. list tu hampir sama dgn list keiginan sy..

  5. Shani,
    Ahaha kira2 saja. Me penat la..

    I join korang pengsan too :P Saja2 je..sementara rasa tu ada, layan je :P

    Haha..bila la nak siap, ntah2 maryam dah boleh tocang nnt :P Maria, jom la..kita pegi dekat2 pun ok..tapi tu la..ngan baby lagi, dunno how to go hmmm

    Yeay..keinginan lain banyakkk lagi, tapi ni lah yg berlegar2 dlm otak skrg :)