Monday, January 3, 2011

Zahra ku comel

Hahaha tajuk tak boleh blah..but just enjoy it ok :P


OMG...I'm sooooo last year! Been abandoned this blog like..forever! Actually there are so many stories that I wanna share but I've been on one whole week leave before 2011 and I plan to update from home, but you know lah.. home is equal to place where you can rest your lazy bones. And cuddling up with your loved ones and doing nothing. update from me hehe.

But going to do massive updates after this --> One of my 2011 resolutions! We'll see hehehe.

Oh ya, I've been tagged by Tatty in this entry but only by today that I noticed, the contest is over!! It closed on the Christmas Day *sigh*.

But I still want to upload few pics of Zahra for those who misses her :P

Zahra crying sebab I was busy shopping, tak layan dia

And her clapping hands while making bubububu faces at Sushi King

Oh syarat2 dia satu pic je, but the contest is over, so this is for fun! And it's hard for me to find her cutest picture because she's cute in every pics *LOL* but this is the latest pic of her, so okay la..

Am gonna tag every mommy that is reading my blog! Ok, truthfully I don't know many mommies that is my reader, I only know a few like the-wifeylicious, maria of worldofmine, linziana mummy azryl, and heartmeboo mummy danish.

Maria Mrshafiz saya tak tag lah yer, awak dah ditag Tatty :P

In the spirit of new year 2011, why don't u upload the cutest pic of your son/daughter and leave me a link, so that I can peek at their yummy yummy cute face too! And yeah, I'm tagging all mommies who are reading this!!



  1. I also got her comei pictures...mahu tak? :p

  2. muahahahaha..clever girl zara. :)
    Happy new year aan..since u dah meng -tag i..jangan muntah darah tengok gambar k?hehehehe

  3. me?. ada?. *terharu*

    Insya-Allah, will upload cutest pic of alia later. :)

    Happy New Year Aan!!

  4. Shani,
    NAK NAK NAK!! In ur iphone eh? Nnt pass me

    Pastikan with his arrays of teeth! Cheeky betul senyuman si Azryl hehe

    Hehe yeay! Dah besar kan..dah setahun lebih. Cepat betul..