Friday, January 28, 2011

Allergy Attack

Zahra Elena gave us a fright last night.

I received a call from my babysitter around 5.20PM telling me that her daughter gave Zahra some food and caused her some allergy. According to her, there are red patches under her eyes and diaper area. The moment I heard that, I was quite calm because I know it won't be that bad, but saspen jugak kalau sampai call2 ni kan. I just pesan to the babysitter to check on her breathing, to see if she has difficulty on it. Coincidently MrComot also finished his meeting, so I quickly pick him from Menara and shoot to pick Zahra.

The moment I saw Zahra, I was stunned to the max! I expect to see some red dots on the face and body but instead, her whole body is SWOLLEN and redden like grilled prawn! She can barely open her eyes due to the puffed eyelids and cries the moment I picked her. My poor baby!

Her breathing is ok at that time only that she is super weak. She just keep crying softly and slumped her body on my shoulder, hence she felt heavier than usual. That worries me because it is an indicator she can't or just don't have the energy to hold herself.

By the way, this is what the daughter fed Zahra Elena:

Anlene yogurt!

Haha now I feel like laughing. So most probably Zahra has allergy towards dairy. I hope it isn't permanent because life without dairy? Kesiannya dia...

Ok back to the story, we planned to bring her to her normal doctor near to our house for checkup. Zahra was sleeping while bf-ing through out the journey and guess what? Jem la pulak!! What's wrong la KL ni..geram betul. Time2 emergency selalu la macam ni. I prayed so hard nothing major happen to her, and we arrived in front of the clinic around 730PM!

It's like 2 hours after the breakdown.

And guess what again? All the swells gone! Ha ha ha.

*on the other note, Alhamdulillah ;)*

The skin back to normal, no more red patches and swollen fingers or leg. Only the eyes still a bit puffed and tiba-tiba dia aktif balik. Keep on jumping and blabbing in the car so we think, ok lah kut, no need to go to the clinic.

This is her face around 8PM. Dah ok..only the left eye. Sebelum tu teruk sgt, I can barely recognize the face. Wanted to snap pic masa teruk tu, tapi takut MrComot marah cakap anak sakit sibuk duk amik gamba pulak haha.

She was all good until she peed! She cries so hard! When the allergy attacked, she scratched almost everywhere especially on the diaper area and the buttock and it leaves fresh wound. So whenever she pees, it sting and itchy at the same time I guess, because she was crying while scratching the diaper :(

Kesian dia. I pujuk2 dia nak bagi BF pun tanak. I quickly remove the diaper, wash the area with cold water and leave her diaper-less, put some bedak sejuk gamat and try to distract her with anything that I can think of.

And she gave up to this cold cherry! Hehehe. Tengok muka dia..with the red nose, lepas nanges, dapat cherry terus kusyuk je makan.

I put her to bed around 10PM and the puff still there.

Her latest pic last night.

She slept like usual last night only that clingier than ever. She sucks my boob practically ALL THE TIME. Normally I will pull out whenever she fell asleep but last night, whenever I do that, she will wake up and cry! There are times when she is sound asleep and the boob pulled out by itself, but suddenly she sits up and cry while closed eyes! I had to pull her towards my boob all the time because she refused to open her eyes and won't stop crying either.

Thank God she didn't cry when she peed in her sleep. Last time she cries because of peeing is around 12 midnight.

This morning, the puff totally gone, yippie! Alhamdulillah..

Talking about allergy, normally it will totally gone within 24 to 48 hours. It may be harmless but certain allergy can be fatal! So you have to watch out for other clue especially on the breathing. If your child having difficulty to breathe, shoot to the nearest hospital straight away!

What's your fright when you send your child to babysitter?

Mine will be whenever the babysitter calls, because she won't call if nothing happen. And if accident happen and the babysitter don't tell. I hope she will tell me every single piece domestic incident, if it happens. Touch wood.

Ps: MrComot says thank you to me because I keep on breastfeed Zahra and he believes that breastmilk does the wonder in combating the allergy. This morning, the babysitter said breastfed baby is easily cured for mishap like this. I'm not saying it's totally because of the breastmilk, it's Allah's will. Put that aside, no other formula can beat breasmilk, so if you have the chances to BF your anak, keep on doing it! ;)


  1. ala, siannyer kt Zahra..
    kalo i jadi u , mesti dh panic giler..haha

  2. mak ai....kalu jadi kat i macam mana aan?i nak terbang pergi nilai tu rasanya tak buleh lagi.proton tak buat sayap...huhuhuhu.

    Yup breatfeed while still have the very end.tho setitik dua sekalipun.

    Anyway seb baik zara ok..kalu bbsitter i wat cam tuh..hmm mahu je i bikin havoc.huhuhu.

  3. baru ni i ada bagi my 9 months old baby makan yogurt anlene tu. Time i tengah makan, dia pun nak. So suap gak la. Alhamdulillah.. tak ada apa2.

    Mmg kena cautious skrg each time want to feed baby new food coz me pernah pergi hospital pukul 12 pagi becoz of allergy attack ni.

  4. erm... satu lg keajaiban Allah beri kepada anak2 yang BF.!/notes/irina-shafie/notes-to-share/484393428316

    ini kisah my junior.

  5. Salam,

    I still can ask my babysitter if you want...

    6 is TOO crowded

  6. Dayah,
    Panic jugak, tapi sebab I dah pernah realx sikit hehe

    Dah havoc, dalam keter je la huhu. Mulut bising gak but what to do dah jadi and it's accident kan. Yang penting she's okay :)

    Haa tu la..nasib baik siang. Me baca dulu they suggest if you want to introduce new food, buat pagi. So if anything happen pun easier la. So far mmg me bagi pagi or siang la. Ni tak tersengaja huhuhu

  7. Zul,

    Thanks..but no lah. Sebab satu bangunan, not nice. Hmm hopefully takde apa2 dah lepas ni.