Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I am a climber!

Zahra Elena just found a new interest last week, climb the stairs!

She's been eying the stairs for quite sometimes, but didn't has the gut to climb it (or I guess so) as she only put her hands on the first step, stares at stairs and revert back to whatever she is doing before.

Finally she breaks the ritual last week where she puts her first step on the stairs! Clap clap clap!

I just stand back at her behind, in any case she falls and watch what she's going to do. It's really interesting to watch her action. She put her foot on the stair while hold on the side as the support and pull herself upside and bam, second foot on the stair! Then she will give me this look like, "Hellooooooo I can climb ha ha ha". She stopped at the first step, and continue to climb on the other day, only 2 steps! Haha..I think dia tak berani sangat lagi.. But I didn't encourage her nor to discourage, just let her figure out and play the stairs whenever she feels like to.

On the 3rd day, she continue her stairs exploration and managed to climb half of the stairs. After a few days, the climbing pattern changes where she doesn't hold on the side anymore, she knows how to climb using her thigh! It's amazing you know, to see such growth development on how baby learns. From knowing nothing, to figure out things by themselves.

Second step

Yeayy dah tinggi. She's making a face that time, mumbling hemmhemmmhemm while waving her hands at me. Look at me mommy!

Now that she's using her thigh, the climbing become faster and I have to be very alert in any case she miss the steps. Last night she climbs the whole stair and the funny part is when she stopped in the middle like for few minutes, then continue it by holding the side grill. Bergayut-gayut. I think dia penat kut halfway kelakar cara dia rest.

Anyway she doesn't know how to climb down yet. I've shown her few times but she still not confident doing it, so just let her have fun with the stairs lah.

Trying to go down..but still scared.

Oh ya since she discovers this new 'playground', we have to install the gate. Was thinking to buy one when somebody gave us for free! His kid is already 2 years, so no longer using it. Thanks uncle!

With this gate, I only let her in once a day..before she goes to sleep every night. Kesian pulak asyik bergayut kat gate tu macam jailbird :P


  1. muka bersungguh sungguh yg comel!

  2. bravo zahra!!

    nanti datang rumah cikna boleh lawan naik tngga dgn qashah ok..

    qashah selalu kalah di dua anak tangga terakhir. meraung-raung nak mintak dukung. padahal dua ank tangga jer lagi.

    tak macho lansung!!

  3. hi aandes!
    i'm ur silent reader..suka baca psl zahra..
    bole x nak letak ur link kat my blog?

    thank you!

  4. Cik Kopi,
    Haha tu la..muka dia mmg bersungguh, tapi ni pakai camera phone, so tak clear. Pegi amik camera betul, dia tanak panjat pulak hehe

    Cepat train Qashah, nnt kita lawan. that time Qashah cakap, "sudah la Zahra, apa barang panjat tangga ni, kita dah boleh berlari la!" :P

    Ain Alida,
    Hehe..tenkiu auntie!

    Sure.. letak la. What's ur blog? I try view takde profile, nak juga baca ;)