Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Langkawi - Day 1


Finally I managed to squeeze some effort to update about the Langkawi trip. It was a 3 nights 4 days trip and I would say a tiring one! This is our first time bringing little one jalan-jalan and oh's not easy. Most of it is because she's not so well, kesian dia, but I think she had a good time there.

Saturday, 8th January 2011

We took the flight + hotel ticket from AirAsia and stayed in Meritus Pelangi Langkawi Resort. I will write an entry on the hotel in separate story.

We started our journey around 8AM as our flight is at 10AM. Started to pack the night before but pagi2 pun macam2 tertinggal, baju Zahra tak cukup la, her wet wipes la..haha..all is about her. We planned to have breakfast in airport but was a bit rushed, so quickly checked in and had some light food to combat the hunger.

2 pack of simple nasi lemak + 3 in 1 hot Milo = Rm15.50!

It is the most expensive breakfast (considering the food) we ever had! Nasi lemak tu plain je, sambal ikan bilis with telur bahagi 8 haha. So, kalau cukup masa, jgn la makan kat kedai lepas check in tu ok ;)

Mommy with Zahra Elena

She wasn't so well that day, her temp is about 37.5 deg but still a good sport. Thank you darling!

After breakfast, while waiting to board. Zahra all jumpy and happy with the cold steel chair. All she wanted to do is sucking the handle ish ish ish.

I had to pull her from the chair most of the time and she will shriek to protest like this.

We didn't bring our stroller so Zahra is in the kangaroo pouch most of the time. Kesian dia, dah la dia panas kan (because of the fever) so she was wriggling restless after a while.

Zahra Elena with her new hairclip! I made this before we off to Langkawi, it is a rushed job and didn't come out like the one I imagined :(
Tapi comel kan? Comel la kata la comel haha. Stay tuned for more hairclips, I have to practice before betul2 puas hati untuk jual ;)

We reached Langkawi around 11AM, haggle for car rental at the airport, got an automatic Viva for RM150 for 3 days! Not so bad lah kan. Since we don't know where to have our lunch, MrComot just turn on his GPS and found a nearby ikan bakar stall on the way to Chenang.

Here is our lunch! Pari, kembong and terubuk bakar yum!

This stall sells various type of grilled fish and seafood and ready-cooked lauk-pauk. You'll be spoiled for choices! Not to mention that is cheap! Just look at the price tag.

Flavoured drinks for only 50cent! Mana mau cari hehehe

Us in front of the shop. Zahra Elena dah big girl kan..

We arrived the hotel quite early as the check-in time is at 2PM so we had to wait for a while. Zahra playing with the display trishaw at the hotel.

After checked in and freshen up, we wandering the Kuah town to see the duty free shops. Kuah is a small town and we managed to visit almost all the major shops like Haji Ismail Group, Zeno, Idaman Suri, and Langkawi Fair Shopping complex. I went to Langkawi Fair complex because I read that they sell cheap Clarks and Hush Puppies shoes. Tipu je la..sama je harga..or maybe I'm not sure the real price.

Idaman Suri

Didn't buy anything major yet (just few bits of chocs) because I still want to see few other shops before decided on what to buy. Seee perempuan! Haha because we didn't really plan to shop in Langkawi, but bila pergi kedai2 tu, rambang mata ok.

Had dinner in Wonderland, Kuah town. It's recommended by our rental car guy and it was full that night! Luckily we managed to get a table immediately but still, we had to wait for almost 1 hour for our food to arrive! People still patronizing that place at 10PM! Maybe because it was Saturday night.

Wonderland restaurant.

Zahra being excited

The crowd

What we had

Clockwise - Grilled lobster (decorated with carrot-net), steamed snapper with garlic and chili padi, deep fried squid, and baby kailan with garlic. Lobster is pretty cheap in Wonderland, it is priced at Rm18 per 100g.

Zahra can sit still kejap je, lepas tu nak berjalan-jalan lah.

This is the episode where she started not to eat a single solid food. I guess she was too excited, with different air and people. Since it is off-peak, the places full of white man and they are very friendly 'hello-ing' her. Maybe she was a bit overwhelmed with all the attentions.

That's pretty much summed up what we did in Langkawi on the 1st day.

Since tomorrow is public holiday, I won't be updating on Langkawi story (or other story too! Hehe depending on my availability). And I am extend my holiday til Friday! :D

Hope you guys have a good weekend!


  1. Salam,


    bila la kami nak pi langkawi lagi nie? isk isk isk...

  2. syg maria p awal skit..klu tak leh dating kat langkawi kan..;)

  3. Tatty,
    Hehe me ada coklat utk u

    Tu la..tak sangka ramai pulak pegi langkawi end of the year. Kalau sama time dah boleh deting2 ;)