Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pumpkin Kecut

I was browsing the old virtual albums in my PC yesterday evening when I came across this pic:-

It was in March 2008 when we went to Zoo Melaka! Oh my God..I almost forgot that we did a lot of outdoor thing together those days. Do you know we also went to My Chemical Romance concert in Stadium Merdeka? It was in Dec 2007. Haha so crazy! Yeah you will say crazy too because we are not that type of hype people. So muda remaja that time haha. I wrote about it in my blogdrive account but it has been terminated due to inactiveness. Ruginya :(

Anyway back to the pic. We weren't married yet that time and I was sooooooo BAM BAM! Actually not really bam bam, it's normal to me, only that I am super thin now.

I showed this pic to MrComot and his reaction was

MrComot: Oh my God...tembamnya sayang!!! Macam pumpkin! *excited tone*
Me: So, now macam apa?!
MrComot: Pumpkin kecut *while giggling and walk away*

Haha keji kan!! Pumpkin kecut! Anyway I think I looked adorable that time, must gain some kilos then.

Below is our latest picture, I snapped it in the lift after sending Zahra Elena to her babysitter.

Kecut kan? And I look so grown up! I know I am older, but but but... hehehe


Anyway today is MrComot's birthday! I didn't buy him anything because I don't have the time to! Ya lahh alasan. The truth is, I don't know what to give la..how how how? Any idea guys?

Hmm and I don't have any special plan too.

Managed to wish him pun this morning while he's replying email through his phone can? So busy these days.

Wishing my hubby all the best in his life! And loves loves lovesssss ya!


  1. Salam,

    jom pi cuti-cuti malaysia ler...

  2. Tau la nak pi PD hehe. Tak bole la Tatty..sudah kebangkrapan di Langkawi :P

  3. wow...a new addition to your already long list of nicknames eh Aan? ^_^

  4. Mommy Fara,
    A'ah lain..maybe because of the spec lagi hehe

    Exactly! Haha

  5. kena tambah sekilo nih aan..

    nah nah meh sini amek TIGA kilo alis nak bagi.. meh meh.. hahaha!

    lain kan org yg dah biasa pakai spec/tak spec bila dia tak pakai spec/pakai spec. alis pon, org tak perasan kalau alis bukak spec ;P

    macam superman ;D

  6. sila makan dengan lebih banyak..suka gamba atas..;)

  7. Alis,
    Sekilo tak cukup. Kalau boleh pass2 mcm tu, mmg nak la! Haha. A'ah pakai spec ngan tak pakai byk beza. Pastu bila pakai rasa mcm kurang cun boleh? hahaha. But lantak la labu, malas nak pakai lense hari2 :P

    Hehe will do! Comel kan gamba atas tu *hehe perasan*