Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to normal

Zahra Elena is back eating solid food, yeay! Alhamdulillah..

I didn't really do anything. I just encourage her to eat by offering her different food everytime she seems free and relax. I gave her so many thing, biscuits and bread most of the time as it's easy access hehe.. and never force her if she refused, kang tak pasal2 trauma pulak. And on Saturday night, she decided to eat and guess what she had?

PEAS!! Her worst enemy! Haha!

I just boiled the frozen peas because I don't know what else to offer her and caught by surprise to see her enjoying it! But becareful with frozen peas as the outer skin can cause choking, so I pinched the skin out before let her eat it.

Now she also eats her normal porridge and tofu. Thank God.. I am already at my end wit what to give her hehe.

Ok baby, lets get back the kilos :P


  1. hey big gurl boleh auntie pinjam ur cute minnie mouse yang atas kepala tu tak?hehehe.auntie nak bagi azryl pakai. ;)

    U have to stay helathy ok gurl?!!muah.

  2. i learn how to prepare baby's food from your blog. Nanti Farhat dah 6 bulan boleh tiru.

  3. alololo... dah besar dah anak dara nih.... kejap jer.. rasa acik alis macam baruuu jer bagi komen tang kening lawa dia waktu zara baru jer tak sampai 2 minggu.

    time flies... sungguh!

    comel lahaiii pakai tinge mouse tuh ;)

    happy belated birthday zara elena!
    acik lalu hari2 blog mama awak tapi lani baru nak komen2 bagai. hehe~

  4. Linziana,
    Thank you! Azryl kena pakai yg mickey, boleh kita duet :D

    Hehe..I hentam2 je. Seronok tgk derang makan yg kita buat.

    Tenkiu auntie! Tu la..kening dia dah tak macam lahir dulu, dulu lagi cantik! Haha... Mama Zahra pun baca blog auntie alis ;)