Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anchovies and Broccoli is yummy!

I am pretty obsessed with Zahra's food, and so MrComot. Both of us will spend our weekend cooking her food instead of ours hehe. Anyway it's nothing bombastic, just feels like sharing so that one day when I read this, woooowww..I used to do this and that.

Recently I found blogging is more than a place for me to practice my writing and thought, it works as my memory lane as well. I started this blog since 2007! It has been 3 good years. Well, not mentioning my old blog in blogdrive which is started in 2004, and gone because inactive for so long, and I kinda regret it, it's nice to take a peek in your old life, isn't it?

Ok back to Zahra's food. Believe it or not, I hadn't introduce her to anchovies! I mean, it's like basic food for babies right? And I totally forgot about it gagaga. So last two weeks, I whipped out anchovies with broccoli porridge for her and Alhamdulillah she likes it. But she's quite easy with food, nasi kosong pun jalannnnn hehe.

1) Soak the dried anchovies for half an hour to reduce the excessive saltiness
2) Trim the broccoli florets. You might want to go easy with the stem as it's quite gassy
3) Sauteed the anchovies with olive oil, after cooked throughly, add some minced garlic, then the trimmed broccoli. Cook for a while (not too long or you will harm the nutrients)
4) Set aside, cook porridge like usual up to your preference, then add the sauteed anchovies + broccoli.

Sedap I tell you. It might turn a bit bland for adult taste-bud but if you eat slowly, you can taste the hint of saltiness from the anchovies. It's good enough for babies ;)

I also discovered something new during the long weekend, that we can minced our own chicken! I know I's old news..but since Zahra doesn't want her porridge in fine form, I forgot about my hand blender! It comes with small food processor and I totally forgot about it. Just imagine this, I've been mincing her chicken using a knife! So much of a domestic goddess hehehehe.

Not only chicken, but it can also mince the garlic and ginger well! Haha jakun kejap. So easy and less messy. Anyway I boil the chicken first, haven't tried on raw meat yet.

Oh ya, there is a trick (or maybe not, but it works with her food) on how not to make your chicken/beef hanyir. My babysitter taught me this, fry the chicken first until cooked, then baru boil with rice. Not with oil, just pan fry macam biasa..kan ayam ada air I fry until the water semua come out and kering..then add minced garlic, ginger..then baru add water and rice, and boil together until cooked. Sometimes I tumis the garlic and ginger sampai naik bau, then add the chicken, fry until all the water dried, then boil with rice. Depends on my mood, but basically like that lah.

First time dulu I boil semua serentak (without the frying part), even though with garlic and ginger, it still has that smell a lil bit, and Zahra refused the porridge.

Another note, don't be afraid of the oil, it's not like a cup, just a few drops (or few teaspoon), even the government nurses recommend it, it's said to help the bowel movement. You can use organic olive oil if you are that particular.

See..I told you I am obsessed with babies food. Haha.

Instead of rice, I tried to give her wheat and made her spaghetti bolognese. Unfortunately she just took a few spoon and no more. She rather has the spaghetti alone. I think she doesn't like the tomato-based sauce.

Tomato + carrot + onion + minced beef

So we'll stick to makanan melayu for now :D

Eh now come to think about it, I still didn't give her any fish!! Maybe will try with some tenggiri or salmon. I'll share the experience later ;)


  1. lapar la tgk makanan nih..adeehhh :P

    i follow u..heheeh

  2. mana gambar zahra makan ni? @_@

  3. I've already introduced the anchovies to the boy since i started to give him porridge.hehehehe.Pumpkin and anchovies, potatoes and anchovies,hohohoho..

    But havent tried beef to him yet.

  4. aqil tak suka makan ikan..haha..mcm mak die..bagi ikan dgn bubur dia makan semulut dua je..letak ayam habis semangkuk..

  5. i paling suka masak ayam dengan halia bwg putih banyak2.. :) mmg sedap! masak apa pun..

    my children skrg suka mee hoon, mee hoon sup la.. haha, skrg apa i masak utk my son.. sekali suap my daughter.. lg dia suka kalau dia dapat makan sendiri.. walaupun cedok sup tp tak dpt masuk mulut pun.

    spageti, sama zahra ngan nawfal tak suka the sauce.

  6. Salam,

    Eiman paling suka kuew teow sup!
    Bihun sup suka!
    Sup dengan potato dan lobak lecek pun suka!

    oh... lapaq!

  7. faheem is 9m old n i forgot to introduce him with broccoli.. sbb penah baca a bit gassy so biar dulu lalu trus lupa.. ok next stage start introducing broccoli.. now tgh introducing soft tofu.. suka gila.. tayah masak beriya steam je.. ahahha.. senang keje mummy.. egg tofu n normal tauhu (slalu goreng dgn taugeh tu) boleh bg dah ke belum?

  8. Xnie,
    Heyyy mana jumpa blog ni :D

    Auntie Shani niiii asyik nak tgk Zahra je, mommy makan tanak tgk? :P

    Tu la..anchovies ni mcm basic, me lambat betul introduce dia hehe

  9. m@ri@,
    Ikan betul me tak try lagi, tapi me suka ikan :D

    Haa me nak try spaghetti sup ayam la..mcm sedap

    Haha mak dia yg lapaq

    Tu la..senang kan tofu ni :P Egg tofu tu me tak bagi lagi sbb tak try lagi egg ngan Zahra, yg normal tauhu tu dah bagi, dia ok :D