Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yummy Belanga

We went to MidValley Megamall last weekend to join Tatty and the fellowship for little gathering. Reached a bit late because Zahra was napping and hit the road around 3PM under the hot scorching sun. We were roasted because the car air-cond decided to fail on us that day!!! I was contemplating to proceed with the meet because it's freaking hot but since we already in the car, we just made it.

Went to my PIL's house, tried to change the car with them but coincidentally both cars are in used. What a day!

Since it's already late and we still hadn't our lunch, I was pretty cranky. I mean, being hungry and hot sun is not meant to pair right? As usual we'll be contemplating where to eat and will leave to each other to decide and that's when I saw Belanga and I said, "let's Belanga!". I was pretty excited because I remember reading somewhere that they serve delicious food.

But the moment I sit and scan through the menu, I was pretty disappointed because I was thinking Belanga is serving Thai food, or northern food, where actually they are Kelantaneese food! Not that I have anything against it, it is just Aidiladha just over and I had too much Kelantaneese food already at my hometown. So I just settled for a simple order, nasi putih with oxtail soup while MrComot had Nasi Lemak and oh boy! their food is delish!

The nasi lemak with ayam goreng! I find it's tastier than the famous ever Village Park nasi lemak.

The oxtail soup! Yummy but I've tasted better (gerai tepi jalan kat Brickfields!) but still good enough for me.

Es Teller. Shaved ice with avocado, jackfruit, coconut, some jellies and buah kabung. Super yummy! Love this to bits!

Overall it is a satisfying meal and I want to try other menu again next time. Or maybe I can have their nasi lemak again! Soooo sedap! It's hard to find delicious nasi lemak nowadays. Most of them have this standard taste that can be beaten easily by nasi lemak bungkus seringgit dua puluh sen.

Oh ya, since it is a Kelantaneese shop, they have nasi dagang, the famous nasi tumpang, nasi kerabu, lompat tikam, etc.

Zahra already had her lunch at home, so I just give her mineral water. It's easier to go out with her nowadays since she can have normal food already. I gave her mineral water and some plain rice that I'm having, didn't have to rush to nearby nursing room like I'm used to do. Food is a power tool of distraction hehehe.

It's Saturday so have a good weekend everyone!!

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