Monday, November 15, 2010

My 10-months Sleeping Beauty

I was on emergency leave last Thursday and Friday because Zahra's babysitter fell sick. It's only me by the way because MrComot had this important meeting and tell you what, it's mentally and physically challenged to take care your own kids!

I seriously pening kepala ok haha. Not that she is being hard or what, it's just all she wants to do is play play play and I wonder where all the energy came from. It's even tougher at feeding time because she will ZAP! tepis my hand and there...all the mushy blended porridge splashed on the floor, and on the toys, and on her cloth *pengsan*. But I made a record by not being angry with her, shouting or yelling or snapping her hand *opss* (I pernah pukul tangan dia sekali before sebab bengang sangat haha). Anyway my mom told me not to get angry easily or raise my voice because she will grow up as a bitter person or another word - DEGIL! KETEGAQ!

So because I don't want her to be a bitter person, I am holding myself very well I guess, whenever she snaps the food, I will just say, "Zahra, no.." with a firm voice and take a small damped towel, wipe all the excess on the floor *sobs sobs *.

Anyway one thing I love being on leave is I can wake up late! Hehehe. We woke up around 10-11am for the whole 5 days, and there was this one day I am so lazy to attend her, so I just BF her whenever she awakes, so she will be back sleeping (I know it's a mean trick, but I think she likes it as well, lazying with mommy on the bed, just make sure you don't forget to change her nappy, kalau tak kesian ok) and we woke up at 12pm!

As for the result, my pwincess is verrrrryyyyy sleeepy today when we had to wake her at 8am. She was so sleepy that she refused to wake up even when I lift her and put her on the ABC mat to change her diapers! That is so abnormal of her.

This is her first time being like this, sleeping on this mat!

Kesian budak kecik tu, can't hold the eyes. But she wakes up the moment I wipe her with the cold wet wipes :P

My baby also turns 10 months last week, so happy 10-months sayang! No other progress, pretty much the same only she baby-talk more this few days and likes to put her hand into the mouth and move it up and down while saying aaaaaaaaaaaa so that the sound come out vibrated. Get it? It's like when we say aaaa in front of a table fan :P

On her food, the menu still the same, I still didn't introduce her with egg yolk, later lah..kemalasan.

What else? Oh ya..her current favourite vocab is mamamamam (but I don't think she's referring it to mommy literally). Previously was dadadadada and the first one is aabooooooo! Hehe. Now that she doesn't want to say another thing than mamamamam, I miss her aboooooo..

Below is Zahra Elena and daddy before we stepped out for work. Daddy is holding himself from squeezing her like lemonade - geram! cute!

Totty totty totty daddy!

The 5 days break definitely make me miss my baby more than ever. Masa lunch pun I keep on saying to MrComot, "rindunya kat totty!!". Can't wait for this coming Aidiladha. I already applied for leave on Thursday and Friday, so another long weekend for us!


  1. part lantai melekit2 tu, asik nak kene lap kan.. eurrghh..
    kalau sikit je takpe.. ni kadang2 dari dapur ke depan, pastu masuk bilik pulak.. tu belum, dia "whats this?" kuarkan balik then ramas2 pastu buang.. :[ zahra mcm tu gak tak?

  2. Abislah Zahra kalau lazy nanti mommy yg susah.

    Zahra, cepat jadi rajin macam daddy :p

  3. a'ah aqil pun kalau makan biskut sekarang die bg tilam/lantai semua makan jugak..aishh geram..

  4. MariaHafiz,
    A'ah! Kalau kita tak lap cepat2 kan, laju dia dia ramas2 with her hands *nanges*. Kena sabarrrrrr tak menjerit

    Cik Kopi,
    Haha mendalam tu, lazy mcm mommy ke? Zahra ikut daddy ok..good girl!

    Tu la..nak marah pun end up kita yg stress, dia bukan faham pun. Kadang2 gelak2 pulak tgk kita buat muka marah. And takleh marak kerap, nnt dia degil haha

  5. Salam,

    Eiman kalau full, dia tetap terima makanan yang disuap, then dia luah balik...
    lagi satu, kalau dia makan time tak lapaq sgt, masuk mulut makanan, pusing hall sekali, lari kat me, then tekap mulut kat my seluar ke, baju ke... abih kotoq...

    Oh we will miss this when they grow up...

  6. takderlah cakap in general saja :p

  7. Tu la Tatty, skrg pun rasa cepat sgt derang besar. Dah start showing independence huhu. Rindunya masa they totally hopeless hehe