Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Spa

I think I owe you guys with the spa story right?

The session was.. hmm.. okay. Just okay.

We were welcomed by Anna - a nice lady and were served herbal tea while waiting for them to prepare the room.

The interior - waiting seats.


Herbal tea served before and after session.

The 'massage' place. It was ok. I prefer something cozier (with dim light) ala Bali style.

The hallway.

After the massage and scrub, we went for 20 mins steam bath and then hot shower.

Then, biasalah, sesi jual-menjual. I expected it already, I mean, of course they want to promote their service. But none of us take it. The thing is, I don't like their concept. And to me, it's better I try all the spas than sign up for 1 place only, betul tak?

One thing that I don't like about this place is, I received bad review from one of my friends that using the coupon - they just gave her massage. No scrub and steam bath! I was like, lu apa hal kan? I mean, doesn't matter la it is free or not, it is a promotion and you stated there what are you going to give for FREE, so why cut it?

Maybe the spa pissed off as we got too many coupons and not any of us sign up for their package, but it is ethic right?

To Cool, I am so sorryyyyy for the incident ok (even tho it is not my fault) but I still feel guilty a bit.


  1. tak patut betil
    a real turn-off la

  2. Exactly Aleeya. What a turn off kan. Menyampah la org2 mcm ni. Kalau bagi free pas ni pun dowan to go.

  3. Nasib baik me dapat good service, walaupun saya masih hairan dengan scrub yang half back saja :p

    Thanks Aan for such a wonderfull experience~

  4. ahahaha..berjaya juga sumpahan ku itu
    hah..tu laa
    sape suwoh tak bawa org..
    kan dh kena curse..
    ngee~ ;P

  5. Hey, u ada crystal ball besar mana ni siap boleh curse mcm tu. Alalala nnt kita pegi la sama2 ehh..tempat yg best punya, tapi bayar la hehe. Yg free ni semua tak boleh diharap