Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pizzalicious in Cafe Barbera

Had wanted to try this cafe for so long but we just couldn't find the perfect time for it. I mean it's located in Jalan Maarof, near to my office so lunch is fine but I want it to be dinner for the first time. And dinner is impossible as Bangsar is far from our house with little one.

And finally! I managed to try it out, but not for dinner and not with MrComot! Haha. It was an impromptu lunch with my office girlfriends. We wanted to eat somewhere different than usual as one of girls is getting married and it's some kind of bachelorette lunch for her. We were in the car driving on jalan Bangsar, can't decide where to eat, so we said, Chilis lah tapi bosannn and then I on my GPS and just search nearby eating place and saw Cafe Barbera in the list! And that's how I remembered that I wanted to try that cafe and the rest is history.

It was the first time for the girls as well, so we tried as much as we can from the menu hehe.

The menu

Appetizer - Toast with cheesy prawn dip. This is yummilicious and addictive! I wish we didn't share this so that I can wallop all! Haha

Another appetizer - Italian meatbal ooh oohh so succulent! Seriously sedap! The meatball is soo soft and well infused with the tomato and herbs. Nyum!

We tried 2 pizzas and 1 spaghetti for the main.

Spaghetti Vongole (clams with Pesto sauce). I don't quite like this because it is too thick to me.

Spicy Tuna Pizza

Smoked Salmon with Arugula Pizza

And tell you what, it is the best pizza I ever had!!! Both of them! I can't really describe the taste but I love love love the pizzas so much! I'm not a pizza person and I don't really know how to appreciate pizza, but this one is real good that make me feels like I can gobble all of them on alone. Seriously!

We also tried their coffee, affogatos, and dessert. Pretty normal stuff to me.

The place quite small but cozy and I can see most of the patrons are quite 'high-standard', looking at their office attire and cars in the parking lots (Camry, BMW, etc). Price wise is not that expensive (but I will say a bit on expensive side with that kind of portion - yes, the portion is relatively small) but I don't mind paying it for that pizza!

I'm so going to bring MrComot there, and will only order their pizza! NYUM!


  1. Tatty, harga dia ok kot..tapi sbb portion kecik, me rasa mahal hehehe. Macam pizza tu dalam RM25. And spaghetti 20 lebih.

  2. ni yg masuk jln2 cari mkn tu ke..em nmpk sodap tu..glurrp..telan air liur..hehe

  3. AAn confirm its looks so yummy licious.hehehehe.The pizza looks so tempting,nanti nantila maybe at then end of this year kot jalan jalan cari makan. :)

  4. Just went there last week!! My ofc buat event kat situ, we had pizza, lasagne and spagetti. Their lasagne is good, spagetti ok je la, n pizza mmg sedap, maybe cos its thin crust. Their tiramisu also kinda nice. And I love their garlic bread with mushroom soup. Sedapppp

  5. Salam sis

    So tempting but wanna ask is it halal or get a any halal recognition. I'm very much a pizza person want to try out it very much just looking by the description.


  6. m@ri@,
    Haa! Masuk dalam JJCM Serina tu, me didn't know, tapi bila dah half way makan baru perasan the plaque :P

    If you like pizza, you gotta try!

    Kalau mcm tu, I must try the mushroom and lasagne! hehe. But yeah..the spaghetti so-so je.

    Alamak..ur soalan is quite tricky. As far as I know it's halal (no pork and I tak perasan ada liquor or not) and in the menu takde mention they letak wine or stuff like that in the food. Normally if they put white wine in the sauce they will mention it. But if you tak yakin, you can call them and ask them specifically 603-2287 8628 (that's what I used to do if I have doubt, but sorry, this one I mmg 'rasa' halal, so I didn't check further). And I don't see any halal cert btw.