Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yee Sang tossing

I had chinese dinner last Friday with Mr Comot's family, at Terminal 3 Subang. His mom wanted me to try one of the traditional food, yee sang. Some call it yusheng or yuu sahng.

This is my very first time having it. It's a little bit like Malay type kerabu mangga, but with many other different bits like jelly fish, carrot, keropok and etc (I don't really know the full ingredients, but it did taste like kerabu mangga!).

The untouched yee sang.

It came in as the appertizer. The waitress served us with a big plate of yee sang in the middle of the table, then she poured some sauce (I think lime or plum sauce) and we tossed it until well-mixed using chopsticks. Everybody is busy tossing in while I'm taking the picture ;P

The pouring time.

Toss it!

According to Mr Comot, we have to do the tossing while standing and wish each other a good and prosperous year ahead but that night everybody is being a lazy bum so we just doing it seated :P

The main course came with a bowl of sticky rice, beancurd soup, fried long bean, sweet and sour tiger prawn, fried beancurd, garlic and chili padi cockles, and onion spring and ginger venison. This is my very first time to eat venison too! It used to be exotic meal but nowadays it has been quite common. Taste-wise, just like the beef but more tender and don't have the chewy feel that the beef does. The chilli padi cockles was a rawk! Pedas giler, which came to my surprise as normally Chinese will go for milder taste.

The main course

The fried beancurd. It's tasteless and I only took one of it. Later after the dinner I discovered that we have to eat it with black vinegar. Haiyoh.

The beancurd soup. Really tasty. I had 2 bowl of this. Similar to schezuan soup, minus the sour taste.

The venison. I like it!

The superstar chili padi cockles. So yummy!

I thot we already coming to the dessert when suddenly they served us deep fried fresh garoupa and some fried chinese cabbage (I don't remember what is the name T_T). I was full already but the cabbage was wonderful! No bitter taste at all and so crunchy. The mom said that it is the new generation of cabbage which they produced with no bitter taste and smaller than the older chinese cabbage.

Fresh plain deep fried garoupa. You can still taste its sweetness.

The tasty cabbage! We just munch this alone (ratah-ratah).. Simple and healthy. They fried it with garlic and soy sauce.

Empty bowls. Full stomach.

We had these for desserts.

Chinese pancake. Crispy thin pastry with lotus paste filling. I like it.

Peanut porridge. Hmm..I don't quite like it. Taste like peanut butter in liquid form.

The mom asked Mr Comot if I never had Chinese food, because most of the time I was busy taking pictures instead of eating. Well, it's not that I 'never' had it, but I took all the pictures for you guyyyysssss! Sooo baik kan I :P

The address

After the dinner, I took the opportunity to wander around the restaurant and saw lots of weird seafood that I don't think I will ever try to eat. I'll post about it later.

Till now, ja ne!

p/s: Abg Namiri, I saw Lala Chong on the way to this restaurant. Bila nak makan2 lagi together ;)


  1. every year we used to have yee sang treat but not this year. the boss' parent & aunty passed away before cny, hence a quiet year. i dont really fancy the 'dish' anyway, find it tastewise confusing as it combines all kind of taste & texture. the colour is nice though :)

    wahhh.. now dh makan bersama family.. can me expect a kad kawen anytime soon? ;)

  2. Bee, no lahh.. I'll definitely keep you in the loop but nothing near. Anyway, maybe we can keep this tradition, dinner at *our* place with u and Megat ;).

    But yb is not that Chinese haha. Me pulak yg lebih2.