Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What I Want for 2014

Ok, time for fun entry!! What I want for 2014 (read it like how I met your mother tone, so fun! lol). Ok kidding. Anyway I just loveeeee to do this. Haven't I? Listing out all the want thing. So superficial! Yeah, superficial stuff is FUN! Hehehe!

You can read my wanting list for 2013 here: http://aandes.blogspot.com/2013/01/what-i-want-for-2013.html

In fact you can use the search button on my blog and type "what I want", if you would like to see my other side of being *childish* *cough* *cough* throughout the year.

Yes I do think wish list is kinda childish :P

Ok enough ranting..here is the review of what I want last year, and lets see, did I get it or not.

2013 Wanted stuff:

1) Printer for craft that can wifi and scan

Well, I GOT IT!!!! In fact I bought it early of the year - January 2013. Or was it December 2012? I couldn't find the receipt though, it's shucked in one of my drawers. Nevermind. Anywaaaayyyy... it's a big and shiny black inkjet Canon PIXMA hmm forgot the model. But it's super niceeee! Double way, poor my printer, it is bought and left unloving after that, until now, that I feel like crying. 

Yes!!! It's still unopened after a year. I'm just busy you know =/

My poor printer dumped together with Zahra's doll. Well, at least you got a pretty companion.

2) A vacation - local / oversea doesn't matter
WE DID!! I almost forgot about this, because I didn't blog about it. Proscrastination. By the way, we went to PENANG!! And had loads of fun! Will try to blog about it (even though it's so last year! Booo!)

3) Bias tape maker
Got it! But you guess it right. It receives same fate with my printer. Sobs.
sorry baby. Maybe I should sell you?

4) Rotary cutter set with mat and ruler
GOT IT!! And been lovingly used =D
I've been using it for almost everything, from fabric to paper and to measure

5) New curtain and sofa cover for the house, current one has been stuck (and unwash) for 4 years! 
Errr...NOPE! Let it remains unwash for 5 years will ya! =D

6) A proper built-in sewing table
Well, I did get a sewing table handed down by MrComot's auntie, but to say built-in, it's not. So how do I put this. 50-50! I think the table is good enough for me as I'm not settling down my art's room quite yet. So I don't plan to get a proper one..maybe later. Much later. So this is my new sewing table, which has pretty red and pink ombre drawers. And I stuff everything there. What an eyesore! =/
Nice drawers dude! But...I see junk is killing you.

2013 needed stuff:

1) 365-project 
I didn't make it, BUT I did the yearly book with photobook.com.my and it's awesome! Gotta make it yearly. Nanti I show!

2) Open my blogshop, seriously, I bought too many! Need to let go some stuff. 

I DID IT. Yeay yeay, andes did it la la andes did it. Well, literally...not really. I did make some arrangement on to open the blogshop, like setting up a domain, upload pictures, register with SSM and whatnot BUT, I never get it launched in 2013. So will make official announcement later and maybe some giveaway! *ambitious mode ON!*

Anyway some hint below....presenting you the cutest bee on the block!

3) Finish my pregnancy journal (Zahra and Emir).
Errrrr...NEXT!! *totally forgot about this! Gah!!*

Haha..it's fun right?! I never knew I wanted so many thing? Goldfish!

OK, now lets talk about what I want for 2014.




I can't think.. of..any. Really.


Woooooaaahh! I AM OLD. I don't know what I want anymore. All I want is to be happy. Ever after. 

And maybe to paint some room, and stencil my kitchen with blue waves. And maybe assembling my printer. That poor dude.

Yes, I want to do that this year. Lets get serious.

1) Do some stenciling/painting. Blue waves for my wet kitchen
2) Another stenciling/painting for the front wall, golden blocks perhaps.
2) Assembling the printer and print awesome wall art!
3) Do the yearly book
4) Again...pregnancy journal (Zahra and Emir). Lets face it, I have to repeat this until I come out with one!

There's something missing. I need to buy something this year. Wait..let me think about it.

Oh yes, my ultimate no 5

5) I want a wooden swing!! In fact, it was on 2011 list. Memory returns =D

*pic googled*
The kids must lovin it!

So how about you? Berangan tak rugi! Hahaha

All and all, I want to be a better muslim and person, a fun mommy and devoted (as in, wake up early, cook some nice food, keeping my tone low) wifey. I can do this! 2014, bring it on!!

*image googled*


  1. tak terkata aku hahahaha..especially looking at the printer...

  2. i want to borrow ur printer, n sewing machine, u know , those stuff that i want too but i know it will receive the same fate as yours, hahahah. u can borrow my cameo in return, which is collecting dust as well, hahaha.

  3. Haha that will be fun feens! Aku pun nak beli cameo..tapi before kena marah, baik kita duduk diam2 sampai printer tu jalan hehe