Thursday, January 16, 2014

Train Ride

The first train ride for the kiddos was around early last year at Bukit Bendera, Penang (I haven't blog about this...yet! another procrastination entry) and they lovin it. Zahra loves the ride, Emir was too small that time, but now at age 3, he shows deep interest in trains, especially Thomas and Friends. 

And now there is MRT construction around our area and Zahra has been asking when the train gonna be ready (her most favorite statement is "Macam dah nak siap je... Esok siap?" LOL) so we were thinking to take them for LRT ride last Tuesday.

I fed the kids siap-siap bagi kenyang tanak mengamuk haha then take the train from Kelana Jaya to KLCC after Zohor.'s not really a good time because afternoon = nap time, but from my past experience, it's hard to make them take the nap because they are so excited playing, so I just try to pull the card.

So happy! Emir was looking at Zahra 'doing' the peace sign

And trying to imitate - was counting his fingers haha!

We picked end of the train and put the kids at the window for railway view

Under the tunnel, somewhere in Masjid Jamek 

To be truth, I was expecting they to be very excited. Well..they were..but only for 10 minutes or so!! Gahhh KIDS! After that mula la macam bosan. Zahra siap cakap "Train kat Penang lagi best". Okaaayy!!

We stopped at KLCC station and had some light refreshment at Ben's.


Which is...not so refreshing..because the kids start to get cranky!! Kejap je duduk elok2 before they started to run, jump and want to go to the water fountain. And Emir siap mengamuk-ngamuk rolling on the floor. Sigh..that little fella. One of the Ben's staff siap tolong angkat and pujuk2 dia but he will pushing him away and bend his body *rolled eyes*. And Zahra started to ask for color pencil and paper. Okaaayyyy. I wasn't expecting this, so I didn't bring all of the stuff. Stroller pun tak bawak. It supposed to be a brief stop.

We had to make a quick bite and take turns. I hate taking turns. Memang my kids ada problem sikit duduk makan diam-diam. They don't get excited with food. I tengok anak org lain ok je..hmmm

Anyway...after finishing the food, we stopped by at the fountain like for 5 mins because Zahra insisted and I know my kids, they are very sleepy already so had to psyched them cakap taman tu panas la..ramai org hisap rokok la (which is true! And the youngsters look so rempit! Ughh definitely not a good influence to my kids) and then she agreed to get home. So we rush back home and both start to get irritable and Zahra wants ME to carry her all the way to LRT. Aduh..why mommmyyyyyy haha.

So MrComot carried Emir and I carried Zahra and the crowd was insane, well what do you expect, it's KLCC! Thank God somebody offered us seats. Thank you so much!!

Emir doze off like instantly in the train and Zahra doze off when we were few stations more to reach Kelana Jaya.

Whaaaaaaaaat a day!!!

The biggest mistake I'll say because we pick KLCC. It's 40mins journey and can be taxing to kids I guess. We should try shorter distance like Asia Jaya. Lesson learnt! Next time, don't be too ambitious mommy!

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